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Secrets silversands
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The resort was clean, the service and food were excellent. This resort was everything that my husband and I were expecting. I would return again. I would like to see how the facelift the resort was in the process of completing ended up. This is by far my favorite all inclusive resort I have visited. I have stayed at places that weren’t as clean as I would have liked and the food has always been so so. I was very impressed with the food and I was pleased to find that all restaurants were included. My husband would have liked to have been able to wear nice shorts and a collared shirt at more of the restaurants, but that was not a deal breaker. We were part of a very large group that traveled to this resort for a destination wedding. We had a great time and I feel that the wedding was nicely organized and beautiful. I am not aware of anyone in our group of 49 whom had a bad experience. Another perk of this resort was the anytime included room service. I know almost everyone in our group took advantage of this at least once. This resort was a wonderful vacation for my husband and I and I’m looking forward to returning some day soon!
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Laura was very quick to respond to emails and take care of bookings. Also, we had mechanical problems leaving cancun with our plane. Laura quickly got us all on a later flight and made it possible for us to return home instead if being forced to get a hotel and fly home the next day. Three of us were even bumped to first class at no additional cost!
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Kathryn warthman
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