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3 Amazing Anniversary Cruises

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Our 3 Favorite Anniversary Cruises

There’s nothing more romantic than heading out to the high seas to celebrate a special anniversary. Cruise ship vacations are simply made for couples looking for adventure, fun and all the right ingredients for sparking those old flames.

The problem with cruises, however, is there are just so many to choose from and so many wonderful destinations to explore. These all-inclusive getaways put the world at couples’ fingertips and tend to do so in a highly affordable way.

So, how’s a couple supposed to narrow down the amazing options? Here are three of our favorite anniversary cruises to consider:

Princess Cruises’ Greek Isles Vacations

Imagine taking in the wonders of the white-washed cities of Greece while enjoying a cornucopia of food and beverages aboard a luxury cruise ship. There’s no imagining when you book a trip with Princess. This cruise line’s Greek vacations include stops to see the cliffs of Santorini, the beaches of Mykonos and the splendors of Athens, among other destinations.

Why Greece?

Few places in the world can compare to the beauty of the Mediterranean waters surrounding Greece. Cruisers here can explore ancient wonders and modern marvels while enjoying first-class service.

Why Princess?

As the original “Love Boat,” Princess knows how to treat couples right. Plus, its Greek cruises don’t skip a beat when it comes to opportunities to explore all this region is famed for.

Royal Caribbean, Caribbean Adventures

If crystal blue waters, sunny skies and white sand beaches are your idea of romance, Royal Caribbean is the cruise line for you. Just pick a destination in the Caribbean and chances are this line has a ship heading that way soon. Ports of call include Belize City, Key West, George Town, Falmouth, Cozumel, Bridgetown, San Juan and more.

Why the Caribbean?

From the beaches of St. Kitts to the rain forests of San Juan, this region is simply stunning, and it’s known for packing in the romance.

Why Royal Caribbean?

As its name suggests, Royal Caribbean knows this region inside out and backwards and knows how to make sure its passengers have an outstanding time.

Celebrity Cruises’ Alaskan Getaways

Celebrity offers couples a tremendous selection of Alaska cruises with over 24 ports and cities on its various itineraries. The cruise line also offers more than 40 land excursions that enable guests to explore the splendor that is found in Alaska. Passengers can explore the country’s northern most state by land, sea and air if they so choose.

Why Alaska?

From its glaciers and icebergs to its bald eagles, humpback whales and views of the Northern Lights, this state offers adventure at every turn.

Why Celebrity?

The cruise line offers couples lots of choices when it comes to Alaskan destinations, length of cruise and more.

Ready to book an anniversary cruise? Be sure to contact one of our anniversary travel advisors for help planning out the details.


4 Adventurous Anniversary Escapes

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4 Adventurous Anniversary Trips

Hoping to combine your upcoming anniversary with a trip that’s packed with adventure and romance alike? Here are four destinations worth exploring as you plan out your getaway:

Explore the Mountains and Jungles of South America

Just X out a week, two or even a month on the calendar and head to South America for an adventure to end all adventures. With such sites as Rio de Janiero, the Perito Moreno Glacier, the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu to explore, the fun just doesn’t stop. Here you can laze away days by a beach, check out the sights and sounds of a rain forest and even fly to remote islands to see rare animals in the wild. Be sure to consult your anniversary travel advisor early for the best ideas how to pack in the most fun in the amount of time you have.

Strike Out for the Caribbean

Go hang gliding over some of the world’s most beautiful waters, swim at the bottom of a water fall in Puerto Rico and take the seas for adventure by making the Caribbean your destination of choice. With so many destinations to choose from, this adventure destination is perfect for those who want to soak up a little sun while enjoying such activities as diving, sailing, fishing, hiking and more.

Put Bali on Your Agenda

This amazingly exotic destination offers adventure and wonder at every turn. While visitors here can enjoy world-class resort accommodations, the options for adventure are nearly endless. Visitors here can hike to the tops of volcanoes, go zip-lining through jungle terrain and even swim with dolphins, go white water rafting and more. Famed for its tropical beauty and unique, volcanic landscapes, Bali is heaven on earth for those who love the great outdoors.

Head on Down to Mexico

With world-class destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is the perfect place for anniversary adventure. This country has an incredibly diverse geography that fits perfectly for everything from scuba diving and white water rafting to mountain climbing, water skiing, parasailing and more. With its deep history and amazing sites from antiquity, it’s also a fantastic place to explore with an eye to the past in mind.

If you’re looking for high adventure to celebrate a special anniversary, the world is truly your playground. Just check with our anniversary travel advisors for ideas at home and abroad. From America’s rugged national parks to the jungles of Costa Rica, the options are only limited by your imagination.

Renew Your Vows At Sea

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Renew Your Vows At Sea

Renewing your wedding vows might just be one of the most romantic ways to celebrate a special anniversary. Picking the ideal location for the ceremony, however, can be a real nightmare.

It doesn’t have to be! When you consider renewing your vows at sea you can easily tackle some of the biggest and most pressing vow renewal questions all with a single answer: a cruise.

So why would you want to have a cruise ship serve as the home base for your vow renewal ceremony? Here are just a few reasons why this particular option tends to shine the brightest for many couples:

  • The destination possibilities – Cruises are available all over the world. From the rugged beauty of Alaska and the balmy shores of the Caribbean to the picturesque rivers of Europe, you can paint almost any kind of backdrop for your ceremony that you might want.
  • The cost containment – Cruises aren’t necessarily cheap, but they can help you keep manage your cost. Since tickets are often all-inclusive or as close to it as it gets, you’ll know what you’re getting into before you leave the docks. Don’t worry though; you can always add on extras during your trip if you desire.
  • The convenience – Cruise ship staff are well accustomed to helping couples celebrate milestone anniversaries with vow renewal ceremonies. That means there’s no reason to worry about ceremony details – the staff will take care of them for you. Plus, it’s really memorable to have a ship’s captain lead the festivities.
  • The accommodations – Whether you intend to pay for everyone who’s coming along or you want them to buy their own tickets, you can rest assured accommodations will be available. This takes a big worry off your shoulders as you plan a destination renewal ceremony.
  • The romance – Let’s face it; this is the No. 1 reason to renew your vows at sea. There’s just something very romantic about saying “I do” all over again with a stunning ocean or river in the background.
  • The instant second honeymoon – When you renew your vows at sea, you won’t have to worry about where to go for that second honeymoon. You’ll already be there!

If you’re considering a vow renewal ceremony, a cruise offers lots of possibilities. To find out more, just check with our vow renewal experts. These pros can give you the skinny on where to go, what to expect and how to book the perfect cruise for your ceremony.

Take an Anniversary Road Trip for the Best Barbecue in America

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If you and your honey have an anniversary coming up and don’t know what to do to celebrate, a road trip just might be in order. If you happen to love barbecue, you can map out a mouthwatering adventure that cuts across state lines and culinary styles.

Think a road trip and barbecue aren’t romantic enough for your anniversary celebration? Think again! Just consider the landscapes you’ll cross through when you visit such destinations as:

  • Memphis, Tennessee – While it might be better known for its music, Memphis doesn’t slouch in the barbecue department. Here you’ll find two distinct barbecue options: wet, which means with sauce; and dry, which means it’s been rubbed with a special selection of tempting spices. If you’ve never had a barbecue sandwich made Memphis –style, get ready! You’ll find yourself enjoying a little cole slaw on the top.
  • North and South Carolina – Both states are famed the world over for their amazing barbecue recipes. In fact, North Carolina barbecue aficionados have no trouble saying theirs is the best. Be warned though: the styles in North and South Carolina can differ greatly. North Carolina even has its own regional flavors. In the west, for example, you will find dark meat, pork shoulder barbecue that boasts a thick tomato-based sauce. Eastern Carolina chefs prefer using the whole pig. Expect a thin, vinegar-based sauce here. Now, if you head to South Carolina, you’ll get a whole new taste sensation. Southerners have three different styles: mustard, peppered tomato and vinegar and pepper.
  • Texas – OK, there’s no doubt about it – Texas knows its barbecue! Here you’ll find a variety of regional styles, but you can always rest assured Texans do it up big. In this state, the wood used to smoke the barbecue is almost as important as the sauce itself. Anticipate some rich mesquite flavors.
  • Kansas City – If there ever was a city whose name was synonymous with barbecue, this would be it. Kansas City is famed for barbecue meats that are first smoked with a delectable dry rub and then served up with sauce at the table. As for that sauce, it’s typically finger sticking thick and sweet.

There are many other map points you can add on a barbecue tour of the United States. From Louisiana and California to Florida, you’ll find distinct flavors and great destinations just waiting for you. To get help planning out a barbecue road trip adventure, just consult our anniversary travel experts. These pros know where to send you for the very best while ensuring you have plenty of romantic stops along the way.