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Anniversary Trips- Excellence Playa Mujeres

| February 16th, 2014 | No Comments »

Whether you’re trying to make a special anniversary even more so or you want a beautiful way to spend a second honeymoon following a vow renewal ceremony, Playa Mujeres is an ideal destination to consider. This destination wraps romance and the potential for adventure into a single package that leaves no base uncovered.

Located in Quintana Roo, Mexico, this all-inclusive resort has it all. It’s situated only 16 miles from Cancun International Airport and about four miles outside of town. Step into this resort and you’ll find yourself miles away from the workaday world where gentle Caribbean breezes and tranquil seas lap at an extensive coastline.

Excellence Playa Mujeres is secluded on a 20-mile peninsula, offering just the right touches for an unforgettable romantic getaway. The resort caters to an adults-only crowd, so you can be assured of plenty of privacy as you experience the best Cancun has to offer. The resort features large, beautifully appointed rooms and suites with everything included. It is even able to accommodate on-siteExcellencePlayaMujeres weddings and has honeymoon and anniversary packages designed to please.

What makes Excellence Playa Mujeres so spectacular for anniversary and second honeymoon trips is that it offers more than just a picture perfect romantic location. Resort visitors are treated to a number of potential activities they are free to explore – or not. Some of the onsite amenities include tennis courts, bicycle rentals, a dive center, boat rentals, entertainment and more. Visitors are also treated to their own private beach access and a stunning selection of pools, bars and Jacuzzis.

If staying within the boundaries of a resort for an entire trip doesn’t appeal, Playa Mujeres is still a great destination to choose. Its convenient location in Cancun puts it near to plenty of activities including golf, sightseeing, water adventures and more. There are plenty of things to see and do nearby to make this resort a great place to serve as a home base for adventure.

Finding an all-inclusive resort with the right mix of romance and activities isn’t always easy. Excellence Playa Mujeres stands out as a perfect destination for couples that want the best of Cancun wrapped into a private, secluded getaway.

Take an Anniversary Road Trip for the Best Barbecue in America

| May 20th, 2012 | No Comments »

If you and your honey have an anniversary coming up and don’t know what to do to celebrate, a road trip just might be in order. If you happen to love barbecue, you can map out a mouthwatering adventure that cuts across state lines and culinary styles.

Think a road trip and barbecue aren’t romantic enough for your anniversary celebration? Think again! Just consider the landscapes you’ll cross through when you visit such destinations as:

  • Memphis, Tennessee – While it might be better known for its music, Memphis doesn’t slouch in the barbecue department. Here you’ll find two distinct barbecue options: wet, which means with sauce; and dry, which means it’s been rubbed with a special selection of tempting spices. If you’ve never had a barbecue sandwich made Memphis –style, get ready! You’ll find yourself enjoying a little cole slaw on the top.
  • North and South Carolina – Both states are famed the world over for their amazing barbecue recipes. In fact, North Carolina barbecue aficionados have no trouble saying theirs is the best. Be warned though: the styles in North and South Carolina can differ greatly. North Carolina even has its own regional flavors. In the west, for example, you will find dark meat, pork shoulder barbecue that boasts a thick tomato-based sauce. Eastern Carolina chefs prefer using the whole pig. Expect a thin, vinegar-based sauce here. Now, if you head to South Carolina, you’ll get a whole new taste sensation. Southerners have three different styles: mustard, peppered tomato and vinegar and pepper.
  • Texas – OK, there’s no doubt about it – Texas knows its barbecue! Here you’ll find a variety of regional styles, but you can always rest assured Texans do it up big. In this state, the wood used to smoke the barbecue is almost as important as the sauce itself. Anticipate some rich mesquite flavors.
  • Kansas City – If there ever was a city whose name was synonymous with barbecue, this would be it. Kansas City is famed for barbecue meats that are first smoked with a delectable dry rub and then served up with sauce at the table. As for that sauce, it’s typically finger sticking thick and sweet.

There are many other map points you can add on a barbecue tour of the United States. From Louisiana and California to Florida, you’ll find distinct flavors and great destinations just waiting for you. To get help planning out a barbecue road trip adventure, just consult our anniversary travel experts. These pros know where to send you for the very best while ensuring you have plenty of romantic stops along the way.