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Review-Westin Playa Conchal-Costa Rica

| July 27th, 2014 | No Comments »
Name of hotel, resort, or cruise ship
  Westin Playa Conchal
One a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your trip
What was your favorite thing about the trip?
  Costa Rica is a beautiful country with so many things to do. We enjoyed every single part of it! The service at the Westin is amazing, everyone is so welcoming and nice.
Were there any service issues we should be aware of?
  rainy season in Costa Rica while we were at Arenal but the beach was perfect!
Which of our consultants did you work with?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the service you received from your consultant?
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  Absolutely – we have already recommended 3 couples to use Bliss honeymoons and Kyle
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  Kelly Lynch
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Our Favorite Costa Rican Escapes!

| March 23rd, 2014 | No Comments »

With its beautiful volcanic mountain ranges, stunning beaches, lush tropical rain forests and friendly people, Costa Rica has long been a favorite destination for honeymoon travelers wanting to vacation in paradise. Its positioning on the isthmus of Central America ensures nearly perfect balmy weather year round that’s ideal for honeymooners who want to enjoy the great outdoors.
If the distinct flair of Costa Rica is catching your attention as you plan your honeymoon adventure, you’ll find this tiny country packs a big punch when it comes to luxury resorts just right for romance. Here are just a few of our favorite Costa Rican destinations for honeymooners:
• Flamingo Beach Resort – Located in Guancaste, this resort is surrounded by pristine beachfront property and offers incredible views of Costa Rica’s volcanic mountain ranges. Guests here enjoy an onsite spa, dining and access to daily scheduled activities. There’s also a pool, tennis courts, scuba diving classes and a casino for those high rollers. Rooms are all luxury appointed and there’s even a honeymoon suite for special occasions.
• Royal Corin – Located in La Fortuna, this resort is surrounded by the breathtaking volcanic mountains Costa Rica is famed for. While it is located inland from the beaches, guests here enjoy access to onsite pools and hot springs that have been tapped for visitor enjoyment. The resort offers onsite dining and has several bars to entertain guests. In addition, visitors here can take part in tours of nearby points of interest while enjoying well-appointed rooms that offer spectacular views of the mountains.
• The Copa De Arbol Beach and Rainforest Resort – This eco-resort offers the very best of Costa Rica with its stunning beachfront property surrounded by lush rain forests. Guests here stay in cabanas that offer amazing views of the forest and feature luxury appointments throughout. Each cabana is unique in design, but all offer honeymooners the privacy they crave. Visitors can take part in horseback riding, nighttime rain forest tours, bird watching, scuba diving and much more. Dolphin watching is a favorite activity for guests at the Copa De Arbol. Plus, there are onsite dining facilities and full bars.
If you’re hoping for a honeymoon that delivers romantic landscapes while making sure you and your sweetheart are pampered in luxury, Costa Rica is well worth exploring. This Central American county has it all – stunning weather, beautiful beaches and pristine mountain ranges. Just talk with our honeymoon travel experts to learn more about this incredible destination.

3 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Costa Rica

| October 28th, 2012 | No Comments »

When most people think of honeymooning in Costa Rica, they picture themselves sunning on a tropical beach while sipping a fruity drink from a glass. While this is most certainly possible in this Central American paradise, there’s a whole lot more to Costa Rica than meets the eye.

For those who want to do more than just get a tan on their honeymoon, this particular country offers some amazing high-adventure activities. Here are just three of the possibilities that go beyond swimming, sunning and soaking it up when Costa Rica is your honeymoon destination:

  1. Checking out the Rain Forest – From the Sky!

Ever wonder what a bird feels like flying just above the treetops in a lush, tropical forest? You and your honey can find out first-hand if you visit Costa Rica. One of the most popular high-action sports here happens to be zip-lining. That’s right; you’ll find yourself propelled through a forest, above the trees, from a line that gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s below. Costa Rica has a number of “canopy tours” and the country is famed for its spectacular views.

  1. Climbing a Volcano

If mountain climbing is your thing, why not climb some of the most beautiful in the world. Costa Rica happens to be in the Ring of Fire, which means it’s home to a number of volcanos. Here you can climb, drive up or even take a tour to see inside a giant volcanic crater. You can even ride a horse to the top in some locations. Keep in mind some of Costa Rica’s volcanoes are considered “active,” which means climbing to the top isn’t always the best idea. Check with your honeymoon travel advisor for the best destinations for a climb, hike or drive.

  1. Riding the White Rapids

Many people consider Costa Rica the best place in the world to go white water rafting. The country’s rivers offer varying levels of challenge. The Corobici, for example, is a great place for a leisurely trip. The Reventazon River, however, is the place to go for some serious rafting.

If Costa Rica sounds like it offers your level of adventure for a honeymoon, just check with your travel advisor for more details. Our experienced honeymoon pros can help you select the best places to stay and things to do any time of the year.