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How To Hide Your Adult Toys From Airport Security

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If you’re getting ready to head out for your honeymoon or romantic get-away, maybe you’re thinking about bringing something along to spice things up a bit. But, the last thing you want is to have that mortifying moment at airport security when your favorite toy pops up in the x-ray, or even worse, when some overzealous security person whips it out of you bag! So we’ve scoured the internet to find some fantastic travel friendly toys!

Go Incognito: A lot of adult toys were made to look like something else. The ever popular lipstick vibrator looks like a tube of lipstick, and will easily get through security without raising any eyebrows. You can find this along with other discrete toys over at .  If you’re looking for something really different and willing to spend a few extra dollars, the “Make Me Over” offered by Bedroom Kandi looks like a press powder compact and even comes with its’ own charger.

Lingerie:  Girls of all shapes and sizes deserve to look sexy! Lingerie company Adore Me really nails it with affordable lingerie for everyone. Their Beautiful Bride Collection offers something to take you from the engagement party all the way through the big day.  And of course lingerie will easily pass through airport security without anyone thinking anything of it.

Bottle swap: You don’t have to look further than your local drug store to find an interesting assortment of enhancement lubes. You could easily put the contents into a multi-use travel bottle and pass it off as shampoo. Just remember the rule for liquids and gels-3oz or less! Just because security is tight doesn’t mean you can’t bring along something scandalous. Just channel your inner sexy secret agent! If you get creative about how you pack by using some of these suggestions and maybe coming up with some of your own solutions, too, there’s no reason anyone has to have any clue. And, BONUS! You’ll have something new to giggle about in the bedroom!



Are you a foodie? Check out some of our favorite honeymoon hot spots!

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Our Favorite Caribbean Foodie Destinations for Honeymooners

Warm tropical breezes, sunshine, blue skies and seemingly endless miles of beaches: What’s not to love about the Caribbean? From its world-class resorts and stunning landscapes to its signature foods, it’s the perfect place for a honeymoon.

Speaking of those signature foods, if you’re a passionate foodie, there are plenty of tasty destinations to consider for your honeymoon. The Caribbean delivers a cornucopia of options for those who put fine dining high on their lists of things to do while on vacation.

Here are just a few of our favorite Caribbean destinations for food honeymooners:

  • The Cayman Islands – Offering an eclectic blend of British, Central American and island flavors, the dishes served up in restaurants here are the stuff legends are made of.
  • Jamaica – Noted not only for its beaches and incredible island music, Jamaica is a must-do for serious foodies who love Caribbean flair. Be sure to try jerk done the right way while here. Pork and chicken are the mainstays, but it’s possible to try beef, fish and even goat jerk style.
  • Puerto Rico – For a real international taste explosion, Puerto Rico is a must visit. With its American, Spanish and Caribbean roots, the foods here defy description. Be sure to consider a stay in San Juan to try some of Puerto Rico’s most notable dishes. This city is famed for the culinary marvels its restaurants whip up.
  • St. Lucia – Home to some of the most beautiful resorts in the entire Caribbean, this island dishes up a menu that’s a bit different. Here honeymooners will find a blend of Creole cuisine with a healthy dose of British and French flavors blended in for good measure. Green bananas and salt fish are a popular blend and barbecued seafood also finds its way on many menus.
  • St. Martin – This is a relatively small island destination that packs a huge gastronomical punch. With hundreds of restaurants, St. Martin is famed for its Dutch and French flavors with a touch of Caribbean style tossed in for good measure.

While the above islands are a few of our favorites, keep in mind the Caribbean is absolutely brimming over with incredible taste experiences. Making this region even better for honeymooners are those amazing beaches, stunning sunsets and romantic landscapes the Caribbean is famed for. If you’re considering a honeymoon somewhere warm and tropical, be sure to get with our honeymoon travel experts to explore the best destinations for foodie adventures.

3 Things You Never Knew You Could Do In Maui

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3 Things You Never Knew You Could Do In Maui

While it’s a no-brainer a honeymoon in Maui is going to rank high in the romance department, this Hawaiian island offers more than meets the eye. Vacationers here will find there’s a lot more to enjoy than stunning sunsets, beautiful beaches and friendly locals who know how to make certain honeymooners have the time of their lives.

If you prefer doing things that are a little different while you’re on vacation, you’ll find there are lots of unusual choices in Maui. Here are just three of the many things you probably didn’t know you could do in Maui:

  • Stargaze in style – This island’s beautiful landscapes combine perfectly with the South Pacific night sky to make stargazing a wonder. The best way to enjoy the night time show is to head away from big city lights and just throw down a blanket on the beach. Stare up at the night sky to enjoy a show that’s incredibly romantic. If you want to add an extra special touch, pack a picnic basket and bring along some wine for a late-night toast to your new lives together.
  • Visit Little Beach on a Sunday night – If you’re just a little bit daring, there’s a weekly gathering at Little Beach that takes place each Sunday around sunset. A bonfire, dancing and the sounds of a drum circle pull in visitors from all over the globe. Be warned though: Little Beach is a nude beach and you’re likely to see some folks in the buff during the Sunday night gatherings. On the upside, Little Beach is one of the most pristine on Maui and has some of the best sands around.
  • Go horseback riding – Ever dream of riding horses along a beach as waves gently lap at the sand? Visit Maui and you don’t have to dream any longer. There are lots of stables that provide rentals that you and your honey can choose from. Just get in the saddle to see this island from a whole different perspective. You can also take rides through the forests to explore waterfalls and other incredible sights.

Honeymooners looking for adventure, romance and unusual things to do won’t be disappointed if Maui is the destination of choice. This Hawaiian island offers all the splendor visits expect and a whole lot more that most don’t know about. If a honeymoon in Maui sounds like a plan, just consult with our honeymoon travel experts for advice on making it happen.

Our 3 Favorite Honeymoon Destinations from James Bond Flicks

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Bond. James Bond. He’s suave, debonair and knows how to show the ladies a romantic good time in some of the world’s top resort areas. If you want to enjoy a little movie magic for your honeymoon, we suggest you take a tip from 007 and consider some of the best locations from his past escapes.

Here are our three favorite destinations for honeymoons that have also been featured in the world’s most beloved spy’s movies:

The Bahamas: Hoping for a honeymoon that includes surf, sand and romantic moonlit walks along a private beach as a gentle ocean breeze helps set the tone for romance? If so, consider the Bahamas. Paradise Island’s One&Only Ocean Club was featured in the Bond film “Casino Royale.” The resort itself is worthy of Bond for sure and the setting is breathtaking. Here you’ll find everything that makes the Bahamas a favorite honeymoon destination along with a resort that knows how to treat couples like royalty.

Miami Beach: Prefer keeping your honeymoon stateside, but still want a destination that’s worthy of James Bond? Why not consider Miami Beach? This subtropical paradise was featured in the film “Goldfinger” and also serves incredibly well for an “exotic” honeymoon that doesn’t necessarily require a passport. Its beaches, resorts, restaurants, shops and night spots are famed the world over and couples with a mind for romance will find the backdrop nature paints here is stunning. For a true Bond experience, consider the Fontainebleau, which was featured in the film.

Venice: With its historic and architectural splendor, canals and gondolas, it’s impossible to deny the romantic wonders of Venice. The moviemakers behind 007 knew this, too. Perhaps that’s why Venice played such a big role in the film “Casino Royale.” The Hotel Cipriani served as a set throughout the movie. The city itself is one of Europe’s most beloved honeymoon spots. Here you’ll enjoy pampering courtesy of some of the best resorts in the world and some of the most breathtaking scenery found on the planet. Just imagine a gondola ride for two as you celebrate your first few days of wedded bliss.

Ready to set sail for a honeymoon adventure James Bond style? Just talk with your honeymoon travel advisor for tips on some of the best resorts in destinations favored by Mr. Bond.

Not sure about Venice, Miami or the Bahamas? No worries! James Bond is a world traveler and has a host of other favorite destinations including Mexico City, Hamburg and London, among others. Our honeymoon advisors can help you select just the right spot for your adventure.

Exploring The Islands of St Lucia

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Just imagine sitting on a tropical beach as a gentle breeze blows through palm trees. In the distance, soaring mountain peaks rise, creating a scene right out of a Hollywood movie.

That’s the setting those who choose to explore St. Lucia for their honeymoons can expect to enjoy. Romantic backdrops are never, ever a concern for those visit this Caribbean destination. This little island country is a slice of paradise that boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Here are just a few reasons why St. Lucia is perfect for honeymoon adventures:

  1. The scenery – Honeymooners that want to experience the best Mother Nature has to offer can’t go wrong with St. Lucia. This destination is famed for its jaw-dropping sights. From the National Rain Forest and Diamond Falls to the beauty of the Pitons’ rather primeval looking twin peaks, there are sights here that just can’t be experienced elsewhere.
  2. The activities – St. Lucia is just one of those places where you can enjoy a vacation tailored to your own preferences. Should you want to just relax and enjoy sunset on the beach and awesome service in your honeymoon suite, you’ll be set. Should you desire a faster-paced, more active adventure, you’ll be covered, too. Some of the activities here include hiking, bird watching, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing and more. You’ll also find a vibrant nightlife, plenty of places to play golf and guided tours that bring all the island’s beauty to life.
  3. The places to stay – Like many other Caribbean destinations, St. Lucia has some incredible resorts to choose from. Should you prefer an all-inclusive honeymoon stay, there are destinations to suit. You’ll discover that service here is outstanding and honeymooners can count on experiencing only the best during their special trips.
  4. The cuisine – Want to make sure your honeymoon fare is topnotch and mouth-watering? St. Lucia’s restaurant scene is well worth exploring. Here you’ll find the very best of the Caribbean mixed with flavors from all over the world. Whether you choose to dine at your resort or venture out and discover local flavors, you won’t be disappointed.

Ready to explore St. Lucia for your honeymoon? Just speak with our honeymoon travel experts for the best bookings and deals the Caribbean has to offer. You’ll find St. Lucia’s beauty provides the perfect setting for a romantic adventure that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Eloping Is Easy When You Head to Jamaica

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Want your wedding to be something special for you and your sweetheart without all the fuss, planning and expenses that can go along with a traditional ceremony? Why not combine your wedding and honeymoon in a single adventure by eloping in Jamaica? This tropical paradise has everything you need to enjoy a laidback, memorable and highly romantic ceremony and first getaway as a newlywed couple.

Why would you want to elope to Jamaica? Here are just a few reasons why eloping here is a great idea:

The setting – Jamaica’s tropical setting makes the perfect backdrop for an incredible wedding and a highly romantic honeymoon. With its beaches, lush tropical gardens, mountains and more, Jamaica offers couples places to say “I do” that go well beyond the norm.

The resorts – Jamaica is chockfull of resorts that know exactly how to make an elopement memorable. Many resorts here even offer special packages that take all the planning and guesswork off the table. All you have to do is book your date, get your paperwork in order and relax. They’ll take care of it all! To make this an even better choice, Jamaican resorts like Sunset at the Palms and Couples Resorts are designed to serve perfectly for your ceremony and your entire honeymoon. With pools, beaches, on-site restaurants, golf courses, spas and luxury rooms designed for the maximum romantic impact, these resorts know how to make honeymooning couples feel special.

The costs – If budgeting is a concern, many of the best resorts in Jamaica offer all-inclusive pricing. That means you know what you’ll end up paying up front and you won’t have to worry about spending more than you should. Some of the best all-inclusive resorts, like Sunset at the Palms, include food, drinks, entertainment, on-site activities and even some excursions right in the price. There’s just no easier way to plan out a trip and make sure it stay within budget.

The service – Elope in Jamaica and you can count on being treated like royalty no matter where you go. From the topnotch service at the resorts to the incredibly friendly locals, you’ll find service doesn’t get any better than in Jamaica.

Ready to say no to all the hassles of wedding planning while still ensuring you get to say “I do” in a setting that’s romantic? Just consult with our honeymoon travel advisors for information on booking an elopement in Jamaica. Saying your vows has never been easier!

4 Reasons Why Paris Is Perfect For Your Honeymoon

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Selecting just the right spot for a honeymoon isn’t always as simple as it sounds. If you want a sure-fire hit, however, it’s hard to ignore the allure of Paris. This European capital has earned the name City of Love for several very good reasons. When your desire for romance is high, but you want to make sure there are plenty of other things to do, it’s nearly impossible to top the Parisian landscape for a couple’s getaway.

While some might say Paris is a “cliché” choice, here are four reasons why it’s truly a classic that is well worth considering as you plan for a honeymoon:

  1. The beauty – From the Eiffel Tower to the River Seine and everything in between, Paris is a sight to behold. This city was built with splendor in mind. Its art, architecture and natural landscapes combine to present a stunning picture that is sure to make an impression no matter the season of a visit.
  2. The nightlife – When it comes to fun things to do after the sun sets, Paris only has one real rival the world over – New York City. Just like its American counterpart, Paris never really goes to sleep. The city has nightclubs, spas, live theatrical venues and much more couples can explore after hours. Plus, moonlight strolls and treks to the top of the Eiffel Tower always make for memorable experiences.
  3. The other things to do – Visitors to Paris never find themselves lacking for things to do. From the historic sites and world famous museums to the shopping districts and beyond, this city offers something for every taste imaginable. It doesn’t matter whether you and your sweetheart want to tour ancient ruins and stately castles or just take in some of the best restaurants and clothing stores in the world, Paris will not fail to impress.
  4. The hotels – When it comes to pampering, Parisian hotels and resorts are the best. From small boutiques that provide the ultimate in privacy to large, world-class resorts, you’ll find it all in the City of Love. No matter your selection, however, you’ll find that Parisian hoteliers know how to treat guests right.

If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic adventure for your honeymoon, Paris is the city to explore. To find out more about booking a couple’s getaway in the City of Love, just consult our honeymoon travel experts.

Overwater Bungalows Make For The Perfect Honeymoon

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Your wedding day is right around the corner and you want to plan a honeymoon that neither of you will ever forget. If someplace warm, on the beach and exotic sounds like a plan, you might want to consider a getaway to a tropical, over-the-water bungalow.

So why would you want to stay in a bungalow instead of a 5-star, high-rise beach resort? While the latter has its perks for sure, there are some compelling reasons why honeymooners love over-water bungalows. Here are just a few of the top reasons to consider a stay at a boutique resort that boasts these private, unique rooms for their guests:

  1. The destinations – Over-the-water bungalows are found in some of the world’s most notable and most romantic locations. Think the coastline of Mexico, Belize, Tahiti and you’ll get the picture. These destinations are already perfect for honeymooners and the bungalow hotels just make them all the more sweet.
  2. The things to do – Bungalows right on the beach or built out over the water are typically found in locales where the things to do abound. From high-action zip-lining through tropical jungles to laid back days on the beach, couples don’t run out of things to do when they choose vacations like this.
  3. The landscape – There are few destinations in the world that can top the views that over-the-water bungalows deliver. Imagine waking up to a gentle tropical breeze as waves lap below your bed. Now picture yourself standing outside on a private porch watching the sunset over the water. It just doesn’t get better than that!
  4. The privacy – It’s your honeymoon, and let’s face it; you want privacy. Over-the-water bungalows are typically designed with every luxury in mind and are self-contained. That means you and your honey will get the privacy you crave without having to sacrifice anything in the amenity department.
  5. The memories – While escaping to a bungalow in a tropical locale isn’t quite like getting lost on a deserted island, it can come pretty close. You and your sweetie will be able to make memories to last a lifetime and just think of how stunning your vacation pictures will be!

To find out more about our Bungalow H2O Collection, just consult our honeymoon travel advisors. Our pros can help you book the best places to stay in resorts all over the world.

Bora Bora: Escape To Paradise

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Dream of spending your honeymoon on a tropical island that’s romantic and far enough away from the rat race to be considered remote and maybe even a little exotic? If so, Bora Bora is calling.

This stunning getaway destination is found in Pacific Ocean’s Leeward chain and is considered one of the islands of Tahiti. With its ice blue waters and lush, tropical landscape it looks like a set created by a master moviemaker from Hollywood, but rest assured its attractions are not fictional.

When Bora Bora is your honeymoon destination, you’ll enjoy such luxuries as:

  • Nearly perfect weather – Bora Bora has a year-round average high temperature of about 84 degrees. Even in January, you’ll find the conditions here are ideal for getting away. While its lush vegetation does demand that a little rain must fall, most storms are isolated to a few months between November and April.
  • A landscape that defies reason – Conjure up an image of the most beautiful tropical island you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Now, add in turquoise waters that are so blue they practically glow. Throw in unusually shaped mountain peaks covered with thick, green vegetation and be sure to envision plenty of lagoons. That’s Bora Bora!
  • Romantic activities – Considering the landscape, it should come as no surprise that Bora Bora is considered one of the world’s most romantic honeymoon destinations. Here you can enjoy moonlit walks on the beach, enjoy lunch while taking in the view from a remote lagoon, hike to the top of the island’s mountain peaks to take in the view, go horseback riding and more.
  • Adventure – If you’d rather enjoy a more adventurous pace during your honeymoon, Bora Bora fits. Here you can go diving, explore ancient temples, visit World War II sites, get in a rough and tumble 4X4 to explore the island’s interior and much more. The shopping and dining are also sure to please.
  • Pampering – From its restaurants to its spas and hotels, you’ll find Bora Bora knows how to pamper its guests. Visitors here are treated first-class from the very second they step foot on the soil and throughout their entire stays. For honeymooners who want to enjoy the best Bora Bora has to offer, there are even hotels that offer romantic bungalows set over those famous turquoise waters!

There are some fantastic resorts in Bora Bora in our Bungalow H20 Collection. Contact us for more details!

4 Reasons To Honeymoon In Aruba

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4 Reasons to Honeymoon in Aruba

Picking a great place to honeymoon isn’t exactly easy. After all, the world is filled with exotic, romantic and interesting destinations. Trying to decide on just one can be nearly impossible! If the idea of sipping cool drinks on a warm beach as soft waves gently lap at the sand appeals, Aruba just might be the place to go.

Located in the southern Caribbean, Aruba is a small island that packs a very big punch when it comes to fun and romance. In fact, this destination, technically a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a favorite vacation spot for people from all over the world.

Here are just a few reasons why Aruba is such a popular spot for honeymooners:

  1. The climate – Aruba’s 70 or so square miles are graced with warm, dry weather most of the time. Visitors here can anticipate sunny days almost year round with little chance for severe weather. While a few bad days are to be expected anywhere, Aruba also has the distinction of being a Caribbean hotspot that’s outside the hurricane belt.
  2. The culture – Considering its Caribbean location and its Dutch relations, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Aruba is a unique place to visit when the cultural scene is considered. While European flavors are heavily seen in the architecture here, visitors will find that Caribbean favorites such as Carnival are a big part of the cultural landscape.
  3. The things to do – While the sun kissed beaches draw in plenty of visitors, there are more things to do and see here than many realize. Water sports, of course, are a big part of Aruba’s draw. The island, however, also has casinos, exceptional shopping, natural wonders to explore and much, much more. For those interested in sampling local cuisine, the island is famed for its Caribbean flavors. Plus, visitors here will find Dutch cuisine, Asian, European and even American burgers on the menu in many locations.
  4. The service – Like the rest of the Caribbean, the folks in Aruba know how to treat visitors. Honeymooners here can choose from high-end resorts that offer every amenity imaginable. It’s also possible to find some really interesting boutique resorts that offer honeymooners all the privacy and romance they desire.

To find out more about spending a few days basking in Aruba’s sun, just consult our honeymoon travel advisors. This Caribbean destination packs all the beauty of the region into a small package with a distinctly Dutch styling.