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Get Our Top 10 Honeymoon Planning Tips!

| March 16th, 2014 | No Comments »

A couple of times a week we’ll get a phone call or an email from someone who is just looking for a price on a honeymoon or wedding package. Some have seen a place online that they think looks nice, others may have heard about a place that a friend or family member enjoyed.

Your honeymoon is one of the most important trips you’ll ever take. But all too often we see couples focusing on finding a good deal on a honeymoon without really taking into consideration if that resort or destination is  really a good fit for them.

There are a million intangibles to consider when planning a trip. What kind of people does this resort attract? Will there be other honeymoon & destination wedding couples there, or will there be a million screaming kids in the pool? What is the food like? If you’re a vegetarian or have special dietary needs, can they assist you, or will you spend the whole week living on chicken nuggets and Jell-o Jigglers? Which rooms offer the kind of privacy and amenities that you’re looking for? Does it really look as good in person as it does online?

Just as each couple is unique, each destination offers it’s own culture and lifestyle. Here at Bliss Honeymoons, we travel several times of year to check out the resorts that we recommend, and are able to match our clients with the right destination for them, based on factors that go far beyond the price tag. How? Well because unlike an online site that is happy to relieve you of your hard earned money without knowing the first thing about you, we take the time to get to know our clients before we start making recommendations. The results? You’ll wind up with a honeymoon or anniversary package that you’re thrilled with, rather than a pile of regret.

To get more great honeymoon planning tips, click here and download our Top 10 Booking Blunders!

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Bliss Honeymoons Unviels New Honeymoon Planning Guide!

| December 21st, 2013 | No Comments »

Looking for some great advice for planning your honeymoon or destination wedding? Check out our new Honeymoon Planning Guide!

Bernie Heads To Hawaii

| September 11th, 2013 | No Comments »

This week Bernie is headed to Hawaii to check out some great hotels and resorts, and view everything these islands have to offer. Follow along on our Facebook page for more info!

3 Reasons Why Travel Agents Make Honeymoons Blissful

| January 4th, 2012 | No Comments »

If you think planning a wedding is a big deal, consider the honeymoon. This is your time together and you want it to be perfect. After all, you and your sweetheart will look back on your alone time for the rest of your lives and you want those memories to be amazing.

That’s why it pays to consult with a professional travel agent before nailing down any of the finer details.


When you work directly with a travel agent that specializes in honeymoon planning, you’ll gain a number of benefits you’d be hard-pressed to duplicate on your own. A good agent will take your ideas and direction and take care of the rest.

Here are just three of the perks you can expect to receive when an experienced travel agent helps you plan things out for your time away:

  • Knowledge – When an experienced travel agent works with you to plan your honeymoon, you’ll benefit from that professional’s knowledge of destinations all over the world. Want to stay in a tropical paradise where you can tour historic sites by day and enjoy five-star vegetarian cuisine by night? A good travel agent will be able to point you exactly where you want to go. You just can’t beat a true professional when it comes to having knowledge available to help you make the best choices possible for your honeymoon adventure.
  • Cost savings – Even if price isn’t a concern for your honeymoon, chances are you won’t want to break the bank to have a great time. If that’s the case, a professional travel agent will quickly become your best friend. These pros know how to help you book the trip of your dreams while enabling you to enjoy the best possible pricing along the way. From booking specials and all-inclusive deals, travel agents know how to stretch their clients’ budgets without sacrificing the experience along the way.
  • Peace of mind – You’re getting married! That means you already have enough on your plate to deal with. Why spend your time worrying about the little details involved in planning a honeymoon trip? From flight arrangements and rooms right down to side excursions, a travel agent can take care of the work so you and your honey can just kick back, relax and enjoy.

Your honeymoon is meant to be the time of your life. When you work with a travel agent, you’ll be able to enjoy every minute of it without having to bog yourself down in all the little details. Our pros will make sure your needs are met so you can simply soak up the experience.


7 Ways To Make Planning Your Honeymoon Less Stressful

| May 23rd, 2010 | No Comments »

You’re supposed to enjoy your honeymoon-not stress over it. So why do you feel so overwhelmed? What you need is a good plan, a few expert tips, and perhaps the guidance of a professional honeymoon planner. Here are 7 tips from the pros here at Bliss Honeymoons to de-stress your honeymoon planning. Choose a destination that suites your “couples personality” You love to hike and be outdoors and he would rather nap under a beach cabana, but you both love food. Focus on what you both love-look for all inclusive honeymoon packages with five star dining-chances are you can find amazing food at a resort with a tropical location for him and lots of outdoor excursions for you. When you find your common ground you can define your “couples personality” and knowing that will make all the difference when deciding on your destination. Decide what your budget is and stick to it You may have already decided your honeymoon budget during your wedding planning. But if not, now is the time to have this discussion. Look at your frequent flyer miles, or ask family to donate theirs as a wedding gift. You can even utilize our honeymoon registry to get help with the cost.  Whatever you decide, when you land on a number make sure you’re committed to it. The last thing you want is to be thinking about credit card debt while you’re on your honeymoon. Finding a good honeymoon planner can help keep your cost down and they can even end up paying for their fees in the savings they can get you from unpublished airfares and long-standing relationships with resorts and hotels. Figure out how long you can stay and when you want to go Maybe you know you want to take a tropical cruise but your wedding date is smack in the middle of hurricane season. Or, maybe you want a five-day honeymoon package but you can’t find one online for the resort you want. Decide when your want to take your honeymoon and how long you want to be away, then talk to a honeymoon planner to see what the seasonal deals are and if you can book a custom designed package for the exact days you want to travel. Flight itineraries and seasonal deals can be tricky to coordinate, but a professional will know what flights to take and what locations are offering the best deals during every season. Get your travel documents in order If you’re planning an exotic honeymoon you need to know exactly what travel documents, visas and passports are needed and how long it will take to acquire all necessary paperwork before you book your trip. Find your professional honeymoon planner You may be a do-it-yourself guru, but some things are best handled by a professional. A professional honeymoon planner knows the resorts, because they stay there. Planners know how to create the most efficient flight itineraries and have access to unpublished flight deals you can’t find on the Internet. Maybe most importantly, honeymoon planners can guarantee a stress-free honeymoon-they deal with problems before, during and after your trip so you don’t have to. Make sure to stay healthy before your trip…and during your stay First, check with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) before your tip. It’s important to check the traveler’s vaccination requirements for travel to certain locations. The CDC Web site also has water-quality lists for all destinations that pose a water quality threat. Your professional honeymoon planner will provide all this information for you as well as information on your specific resort or hotels water filtration system. Follow your packing checklist Layout both his and hers clothing and bathroom items before your trip and take an inventory. This inventory will act as your packing checklist. Don’t forget basic medical needs; such as Band Aids, sun screen and sun burn relief gel, anti-bacterial gel, and anti-diarrhea pills. Make sure all prescriptions are filled before leaving for your trip. Know that you have the pros tips for a stress-free honeymoon learn how to register for your honeymoon. Still not sure where you want to go? Check out our Top 5 Sexiest Honeymoon Locations.