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Savor Honeymoon Bliss at Tampa’s Epicurean Hotel

| January 12th, 2014 | No Comments »

Savor Honeymoon Bliss at Tampa’s Epicurean Hotel

Foodies with a passion for the finer things in life will discover there’s a new resort on the menu that’s just perfect for honeymooners who want to experience the very best during their first days of wedded bliss. Tampa’s Epicurean hotel opened its doors in January 2014, welcoming travelers from all over the world to eat, drink and learn.

The brainchild of some of the biggest movers and shakers on Tampa’s culinary scene, the resort delivers the very best international cuisine while enabling honeymooners to enjoy privacy, romance and luxury during their stay.

Guests at the Epicurean can anticipate:

  • First-class accommodations – The hotel was built with luxury in mind. Located in South Tampa’s trendy SoHo district, it features stunning rooms designed to delight the senses.  Guests will discover the hotel’s rooms are well appointed and provide honeymooners with the perfect backdrop for romance.
  • World-class dining – The resort features its own upscale restaurant and dessert shop. Inspired by Tampa’s famous Bern’s steakhouse, the eatery, Elevage boasts an extensive menu that changes throughout the day. Dining is available in a full-service setting for in-room for those who value their privacy. For those who want to explore the flavors of Tampa, Ybor City with its Cuban flair is a short drive away.
  • On-site classes – The Epicurean offers foodies more than elegant meals served up in style. Those who choose to pay the resort a visit can also learn hands on about gourmet cooking thanks to the resort’s master chefs. Classes are offered almost daily and vary in topic.
  • Pampering – The Epicurean was designed to be a true “experience” for those passionate about food and luxury. To make it so, the resort offers more than incredible food and drinks. It also offers its guests impeccable service, complete with a concierge service, on-site spa, outdoor pool and bar service and much more.
  • Location – While it might be hard to leave the flavors of the Epicurean, the hotel happens to be located perfectly for exploration of the Tampa Bay area. It’s found in Tampa’s heart, which means art galleries, beaches, shopping and more are just a stone’s throw away.

Hoping for a honeymoon that’s relaxing, romantic and full of amazing flavors? Tampa Epicurean hotel delivers all the ingredients necessary for an amazing time. To find out more about this resort and vacationing in the Tampa area, be sure to check with our honeymoon travel advisors.

Our Favorite St Lucia Resorts

| August 25th, 2013 | No Comments »

Do the tropical beaches and topnotch resorts of the Caribbean sound like a perfect fit for your honeymoon adventure? If so, the island of St. Lucia deserves a rather close look. This stunning getaway destination is famed for its breathtaking, mountainous landscapes, pristine beaches and topnotch resorts.
Should selecting a perfect place to rest your heads at the end of the day be a top priority, we have some suggestions. As it turns out, St. Lucia happens to be the home of three of our most favorite resorts in the Caribbean.
They are:
Rendezvous – With a name like this, you know it’s got to be a destination worth writing home about – and it is! This resort boasts some of the most romantic rooms in the Caribbean, plus it has more on-site activities than you’d ever dream of tackling on a honeymoon. From golfing and scuba diving to visits to the spa, you can relax, unwind and take it all in while enjoying the added perks of all-inclusive pricing. Rendezvous is also famed for its restaurants and the attention to detail it pays in making sure couples on romantic getaways enjoy the privacy and comforts they desire. 
Ladera – This all-inclusive getaway spot might have the best view of the Piton Mountains found anywhere on St. Lucia. From your private patio, you can watch the sun rise over the famed twin peaks. Once you start your days, you’ll discover this resort has left no stone unturned when it comes to making sure couples have the time of their lives. From its stunning rooms that take full advantage of the view to the activities planned within the resort, there’s more to see and do than anyone could on a single trip. You can even take cooking lessons together led by the resort’s own chef.
The Body Holiday – If pampering is what you have in mind, this St. Lucia resort is going to make you very happy. Also all-inclusive, The Body Holiday has its own wellness center, on-site activities and private rooms that make alone time especially romantic. Plus, it boasts outstanding views and a culinary staff that’s world-class. Add to this such activities as archery, golf, yoga, scuba diving and more and it’s clear why this resort is considered among the best found anywhere.
Ready to enjoy a Caribbean adventure for your honeymoon? Just check with our honeymoon travel experts to uncover the wonders that await in St. Lucia.

4 Reasons Why Paris Is Perfect For Your Honeymoon

| May 1st, 2013 | No Comments »

Selecting just the right spot for a honeymoon isn’t always as simple as it sounds. If you want a sure-fire hit, however, it’s hard to ignore the allure of Paris. This European capital has earned the name City of Love for several very good reasons. When your desire for romance is high, but you want to make sure there are plenty of other things to do, it’s nearly impossible to top the Parisian landscape for a couple’s getaway.

While some might say Paris is a “cliché” choice, here are four reasons why it’s truly a classic that is well worth considering as you plan for a honeymoon:

  1. The beauty – From the Eiffel Tower to the River Seine and everything in between, Paris is a sight to behold. This city was built with splendor in mind. Its art, architecture and natural landscapes combine to present a stunning picture that is sure to make an impression no matter the season of a visit.
  2. The nightlife – When it comes to fun things to do after the sun sets, Paris only has one real rival the world over – New York City. Just like its American counterpart, Paris never really goes to sleep. The city has nightclubs, spas, live theatrical venues and much more couples can explore after hours. Plus, moonlight strolls and treks to the top of the Eiffel Tower always make for memorable experiences.
  3. The other things to do – Visitors to Paris never find themselves lacking for things to do. From the historic sites and world famous museums to the shopping districts and beyond, this city offers something for every taste imaginable. It doesn’t matter whether you and your sweetheart want to tour ancient ruins and stately castles or just take in some of the best restaurants and clothing stores in the world, Paris will not fail to impress.
  4. The hotels – When it comes to pampering, Parisian hotels and resorts are the best. From small boutiques that provide the ultimate in privacy to large, world-class resorts, you’ll find it all in the City of Love. No matter your selection, however, you’ll find that Parisian hoteliers know how to treat guests right.

If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic adventure for your honeymoon, Paris is the city to explore. To find out more about booking a couple’s getaway in the City of Love, just consult our honeymoon travel experts.

Katie & Brandon- El Dorado Royale

| July 18th, 2012 | No Comments »

We loved the all inclusive part it was our first time at a resort like this. I cant go on enough about how amazing the food was perfect every time we ate. The pools were clean and the swim up bar was fabulous. all of the staff especially concierge was so polite and curtious even the hostess pulled out chairs and put napkin in our laps at the restaurants. Couldn’t ask for a more amazing trip!


3 Reasons To Try London For Your Honeymoon

| June 17th, 2012 | No Comments »

Picking a place to go for your honeymoon is serious business. After all, you want a destination that’s romantic, memorable and will provide you with lots of things to see and do. If you have your heart set on Europe, London might be just the place to go.

While London is often overshadowed by the city across the channel, it does provide honeymooners with plenty of reasons to consider it for their own romantic trips. So why would you want to make London the location for your honeymoon adventure? Here are just three reasons why:

  • The amazing attractions – London is one of the oldest cities in all of Europe. Inasmuch, it has more attractions that can be easily be listed in one place. From the majesty of Buckingham Palace to the beauty of the Thames River, this city has treats for the eye at every corner. Keep in mind, however, that London is also a highly modern city. Its nightlife is as legendary as its ancient, regal attractions. You can also venture outside London proper to explore the beauty of the English countryside. This makes for a fantastic day trip that’s highly romantic.
  • The things to do – While London’s landmarks make it incredibly memorable, visitors here don’t have to worry about a lack of things to do either. If you want to get out and explore on your honeymoon, you will find there isn’t a lack of options. From bike riding through the English countryside and going white-water rafting at Lee Valley White Water Centre and dining in some of the world’s most famous restaurants, you’re not going to run out of things to do here. It doesn’t matter how laid-back you want your honeymoon – or adventurous – you’re going to find things to do that make your stay amazing.
  • The service – London’s resorts are the perfect destination for honeymooners in love. This city has more than its fair share of world-renowned five-star resorts. It’s also home to some amazing bed and breakfasts and smaller boutique resorts. If you and your sweetheart want to enjoy royal treatment, this is the city to visit for sure. Plus, it’s even possible to book your stay in an actual castle so you can experience all the majesty London has to offer.

Planning a honeymoon can be a difficult prospect, especially if a trip across the pond is in store. To find out more about London and its many attractions and resort destinations, just check with your honeymoon travel advisor.  Our expert planners can help you map out an adventure that’s just perfect for you and your sweetheart.

Hot Summer Honeymoons

| April 2nd, 2012 | No Comments »

4 Things You Need to Know About Summer Honeymoons in Warm Climates

Plan a summer honeymoon anywhere south of the Mason Dixon line, even into the Caribbean and beyond, are people are likely to look at you just a little funny. After all, the summer just isn’t the time to visit the south, right?

Not necessarily so! Some couples discover the warmer months are the perfect time for a romantic escape to the more popular destinations.

While there are a few things you might want to keep in mind when planning a honeymoon in some of the warmer regions, there are plenty of compelling reasons why June, July and August can be the perfect months to visit.

Here are four things you need to know when planning a summertime honeymoon in the south:

  • You’re likely to find the crowds reduced – The warm temperatures and potential for rain, especially in the subtropical and tropical regions, are something to keep in mind. Even so, remember that lots of other people are keeping these things in mind and just stay away. As a result, some of the more popular tourist destinations are less packed in the summer months. From theme parks to world famous beaches, you’re likely to run into fewer people if you go when the temperatures climb.
  • You’re likely to enjoy savings – Discounts and reduced rates are often easier to find in the summer time. While this doesn’t hold true for every place in the south, the savings are worth checking into – especially if you’re hoping to save some money during your honeymoon getaway.
  • You can experience the local flavor more – Fewer tourists also means a greater likelihood of running into more locals. If you and your honey really like to get to know an area, the off-tourist season is the time to go.
  • You can enjoy some incredible experiences – All the same great features of locales in the southern climates that drive visitors during the winter months are still there in the summer time. The beaches are still stunning, the food is still amazing, the ocean waters are still beautiful and the attractions are still open and awaiting visitors. The beauty of a summertime visit is perhaps having a greater ability to enjoy these places without throngs of people – making a honeymoon even more intimate.

Visiting warmer climates for a honeymoon getaway in the summer isn’t necessarily a mistake. Some couples discover what locals already know – paradise is paradise year-round. To find out more about trips to warmer climes in the summer, consult our honeymoon travel experts.

Boutique Hotels Make A Bahamas Honeymoon More Blissful

| February 20th, 2012 | No Comments »

Giant, high-end hotels with lots of hustle and bustle are fine for some trips, but they don’t necessarily jive with romantic, intimate honeymoon getaways. If you’re heading to the Bahamas to celebrate your union, there are some incredible boutique hotels that are likely to fit your mood a whole lot better.

Just because a hotel is smaller, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your attention either. Smaller, boutique hotels tend to cater to those who want privacy and impeccable service rolled into one. While they might only have a handful of rooms, the best boutique hotels make sure their staff members are trained to deliver only the best in service.

Since you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon adventure, privacy and service likely matter a great deal. If so, here are some smaller hotels in the Bahamas that are well worth the stay:

  • Pink Sands – Located on Harbour Island, this getaway destination features 18 private acres surrounded by, of course, pink sand. Guests here have their pick of one of 25 secluded, private cottages that are loaded with modern amenities. The resort has its own onsite dining, a swimming pool, laundry service and more. It’s the perfect destination for honeymooning couples who want the best in service with a lot of privacy mixed in.
  • Kamalame Cay – Found in Andros, this 96-acre, private resort offers guests the very best in everything. The resort is only accessible by a private ferry and features lots of beach front property, tennis, a swimming pool and onsite dining. There’s even a tiki bar for those who want to enjoy drinks as the sun sets over the beach.
  • Rock House – This small resort was originally built in the 1940s and has been a hit with travelers ever since. It features nine rooms in total, so privacy shouldn’t be a concern. Although it’s small, the Rock House is huge when it comes to amenities. The hotel features its own private beach, a swimming pool, onsite restaurant and much more. Guests here can even enjoy wireless Internet access and a full gym.

When it’s time to honeymoon, it’s nice to enjoy a little privacy. While large resorts are always a great choice, sometimes the smaller boutique destinations just fit the mood a whole lot better. After all, what could be more romantic than relaxing on a secluded beach in the Bahamas without a big crowd to get in the way?

To find out more about honeymoon getaways at private boutique hotels in the Bahamas and elsewhere, just contact our honeymoon travel specialists.


| December 7th, 2010 | No Comments »

Eight Great Reasons to go to Mexico now!


Last week we had the honor of attending the Karisma Resorts GIVC Awards ceremony held at El Dorado Royale. Spending some time with our fellow agents at this fantastic resort was something that we had been looking forward to for some time. Karisma did not disappoint! The service, food, and amenities were all exceptional.

Mexico has been getting a bad rap lately. You can barely turn on the news without someone warning you about the dangers of Mexico. But just as Columbus has good parts, and not so good parts; Mexico offers the same.

Last month I traveled to another Caribbean location, and was sadden by what I saw. The bumpy road that took us on our 30 minute drive to the resort was riddled with litter and decay. Our
and El Dorado Royale was clean, modern, well paved, and clearly marked- a sharp contrast to the trip we had just taken two weeks earlier.

So if you’re hesitant about traveling to Mexico, here are some great reasons why you should put it back on your list of future travel destinations!

  1. The people of Mexico are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. While people in the Midwest avoid eye contact or greeting strangers in elevators, everyone we encountered offered a greeting or farewell.
  2. The resorts are stunning! Some of the most romantic all inclusive resorts in the world are in Mexico.
  3. The food. I left the resort in the Dominican Republic last month a couple of pounds lighter, as I had such a hard time finding vegetarian friendly dishes to enjoy. I more than made of for it during my trip to the Riviera Maya.
  4. The flights to Mexico are easy, and relatively short as compared to some other destinations. We left CMH at 7:00 a.m. and were enjoying lunch at the resort by 1:00.
  5. The beaches are fantastic. While it’s true at some resorts there are sandbags to protect the reef, that’s no reason to not enjoy the beach while you’re there. Our beach at Azul Sensatori was fantastic.
  6. The Spa treatments at Azul Sensatori were fantastic. There were no pretentious hairdressers within miles of our spa. It was a wonderful relaxing experience. And having toured many hotel spas in Mexico, I can safely say there are a lot of fantastic spas to choose from.
  7. Expand your mind. Traveling to any foreign destination will bring you to a better understanding about other people and culture. We took advantage of a Spanish class, yoga class, and tequila tasting class while were there. And none of these activities came at an additional charge.
  8. I had to scrape my windows this morning-which is just no way to start your day! It was hot and beautiful in Mexico; a great change from the snow and ice here.

In short, there’s just no reason not to go to Mexico! You’ll have a fantastic time!

Can I Register For That? Your Honeymoon Registry.

| May 23rd, 2010 | 1 Comment »

If there is one challenge that almost all engaged couples share, it’s where to come up with the funds to pay for their honeymoon. And while nine out of ten couples would love to ask for money for their honeymoon, finding a tactful way to ask for cash is hard! Fortunately this problem can now be a thing of the past, thanks to a honeymoon registry.

Let’s face it… weddings can drain your bank account faster than you can say “I do”. Many couples have considered postponing their honeymoon because they just can’t see how they can afford it. Your honeymoon registry offers tactful way for you to ask for money from your wedding guests, and its fun for the guests too!

Once you’ve nailed down the details of your dream honeymoon, your honeymoon planner can set up an account for the two of you. Your registry can be customized to your honeymoon destination with items like spa treatments, golf, zip lining, an upgraded room, etc. You’ll be provided with a link to your share with your family and friends, so they can easily jump online and make a contribution to your honeymoon registry.

Your guests will love it because they can purchase a wonderful gift with just a few clicks of the mouse with no boxes to ship and nothing to gift wrap. They can even leave you a message telling you what they’ve purchased and offering their best wishes for your fun in the sun.

The gifts in your registry are not physically purchased or set up. You’ll receive the gifts in the form of a check from the registry company. It’s secure, easy for you and your guests, and a sure-fire way to get you and your honey where you want to go.

Let’s face it-we’ve all given gifts that we suspected to end up being re-gifted. Great honeymoon memories are always a welcome gift. Your guests will be honored to be a part of the memories that you’ll have for a lifetime.

There are several ways to ensure your guest feel like a part of it all. Once you return post pictures of your trip and of the two of you enjoying some of the activities on you registry. Or, send postcard Thank You notes from your location. Unlike a gravy boat, a honeymoon gift creates memories you can share.

Now that you know how you’re going to manage you honeymoon budget, check out our top 5 sexiest honeymoon locations.

Who do you love? Top 5 Sexiest Honeymoon Locations.

| May 23rd, 2010 | 2 Comments »

This article is meant to be read in your best Barry White voice-not that these ultra sexy honeymoon locations need any help in the hot and steamy department. So read on, and as you do imagine yourself in these exotic locales with your honey.

El Dorado Royale, Riviera Maya in the Mexican Caribbean

Muy caliente. El Dorado Royale is an adults-only spa resort tucked away in the quietest corner of the Riviera Maya.

Have a private beachside dinner for two prepared by the resort’s gourmet chef. Listen to the waves break as candle light casts gilts and glimmers across your faces. Or, indulge in a private couple’s message in a bungalow by the beach.

Ladera, St. Lucia in the West Indies

Nestled deep within the St. Lucia rainforest at the base of the Pitons mountains, this historic estate was once a cocoa plantation. Now home to an exclusive resort the small cluster of villas and suites have an “open wall” concept that leaves the west side of each unit exposed to the breathtaking views, sounds, and breezes of the Caribbean Sea.

Indulge in farm-to-table five-star menus, decadent spa treatments, and serene seaside relaxation. Love blossoms under the warm sunsets and romance is rejuvenated when wrapped in soft sand and salty sea.

Couples Resorts, Jamaica

Laid-back lovers rejoice. All-inclusive Couples Resorts in Jamaica stimulate your senses with island-inspired fine dining, beachside beverage service and romantic off-site excursions. Make a memory with a couples message followed by a private dinner served by your personal waiter, or enjoy a glass-bottom boat ride and a night of lively music and dancing.

Greek Islands, Mykonos and Santorini

A love for the ages. What better place to make memories than in a sun-soaked city filled with history? A Greek Island honeymoon offers you the best of the new world with the charm of the old world.

Relax hand-in-hand on your sunset cruise and sip world-class wines on your winery tour and tasting. Stroll the breezy nooks and crannies of the city and discover new things to love about your partner.

Paris, Hotel de Crillon

Love is in the details. You’ll find something to love around every corner on the bustling streets of Paris. This classic lovers’ locale is ideal for sophisticated couples looking for a chic, sexy experience.

Take in the galleries and a Moulin Rouge show before indulging in a French bistro dinner. Rediscover each other during a slow cruise down the Seine. And of course…shop the fabulous boutiques.

There you are lovers, our top 5 sexiest honeymoon spots. Each location has a personality all its own, just like you and your honey. But, no matter what kind of couple you are you’re sure to heat things up on one of these hot honeymoons.

Do you have a hot honeymoon destination in mind? Share it with us!

Not sure how you’re going to find the funds for these sexy destinations? Check out: Can I Register for that? Honeymoons and your gift registry.