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Sunburn? Stuck in the loo? Here’s some tips for tackling those less glamorous honeymoon issues.

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Your honeymoon is your first adventure together as a married couple. You want everything from start to finish perfect; seeped with enough romance to last a lifetime. Chances are it will be right up until it’s not.

Face it: Perfection is for scripted romance movies. You and your honey are humans and that means it’s pretty likely a few snafus will arise no matter how hard you try to avoid them. It’s how you handle those little mishaps that determines whether you’ll look back on your honeymoon with stars in your eyes or a preference to forgot the whole thing.

Here are some honeymoon travel tips “they” probably haven’t told you about that can help you avoid (or handle) some of the most common mishaps:

Feeling Soggy

If your honeymoon is taking place in a sunny destination, chances are swimming is on the agenda. That also means you and your sweetie are going to be soggy messes, or at least your bathing suits will be. To avoid the awkwardness that goes with trying to get into suits that just haven’t dried out, be sure to bring at least two. That way one can always be hung out to dry thoroughly while you enjoy the sun and surf in the other.

Sunburns and Dehydration

Noting can sideline romance quite as quickly as a burn or a case of dehydration. Be sure to wear lots of sunscreen (and reapply it frequently). Also, limit time in direct sunlight and consider covering up a bit when you can. Drink plenty of fluids to avoid the blah feeling and fatigue that go along with dehydration. When it comes to sunburns and dehydration, an ounce of prevention is really worth a pound of cure. Plus, you’ll look a whole lot sexier for those romantic nights if you’re not burned from head to toe!

‘Loo’ming Problems

It’s uncomfortable and no one likes to talk about it, but the truth is vacations and digestive issues do seem to go hand-in-hand. Your honeymoon isn’t likely to be an exception to that rule. After all, you’ll probably indulge on some rather rich foods and drinks. Add to that you’re going to be far from the comfort of your own loo and the privacy you’re accustomed to.

So, how can you avoid those uncomfortable, frequent trips to the loo? Exercise a little common sense and do your body and your honey a favor by trying to eat healthy, balanced meals most of the time. Drink lots of water and be sure not to overindulge on new cuisine or overly rich dishes until you’re sure your body will react kindly. All that isn’t to say you shouldn’t have fun or try new things, just take it slow. It’s also a good idea to bring along some digestive aids … just in case.

Follow some commonsense honeymoon travel tips and your time away will be as perfect as it can possibly be. To find out more about booking your dream getaway, just reach out to one of our honeymoon travel advisors for a free consultation.


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St Lucia Obsession-Viceroy Sugar Beach

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Honeymoons are meant for romance, relaxation and the kind of adventure that memories that last a lifetime are made from. Step onto the grounds of St. Lucia’s Viceroy Sugar Beach resort and it will become instantly clear this is the ideal setting for all of the above and then some.

Offering an outstanding view of both the Caribbean Sea and St. Lucia’s famed Piton mountains, this all-inclusive resort doesn’t skip a beat in the luxury department. If warm, tropical breezes and white sandy beaches are what you have in mind for your honeymoon you won’t be disappointed. The Viceroy Sugar Beach is the perfect setting for romantic getaways for these reasons and more:

  • The accommodations – Guests here aren’t limited to standard hotel or resort rooms. The Viceroy also features luxury villas, beachfront bungalows and full-size vacation home rentals. All rooms are well-appointed down to the little luxuries, including WiFi and large, flat-screen televisions. The luxury villa residences even boast their own infinity pools for private dips under the stars or sun. They also feature plenty of room for those who don’t like the confined space of standard hotels.
  • The food – The Viceroy is famous for its amazing cuisine. Guests here can enjoy on-site restaurants, bars and lounges. There’s even private butler service included in some packages. With meals overseen by a chef with more than 30 years’ experience in restaurants throughout Mexico and France, the meals are worth savoring.
  • The things to do – Honeymooners who select the Viceroy will not run out of things to do. This resort sits on more than 100 acres of tropical rainforest and also boasts its own white sand beach. Guests here can soak up the sun, go on tours, enjoy watersports, spend a day at the resort’s spa and more. Beyond the resort’s boundaries, honeymooners can enjoy all the sights and sounds of St. Lucia, including the famed Pitons, St. Lucia Beach, Marigot Bay and more.
  • The service – Guests at the Viceroy Sugar Beach can count on topnotch service throughout their stay. From the five-star dining to luxurious spa treatments and personalized butler service, no needs will go unmet.

Making a honeymoon memorable isn’t difficult when St. Lucia’s Viceroy Sugar Beach is on the itinerary. Set in the heart of this Caribbean paradise, the Viceroy makes sure honeymooners get the service and privacy they crave. Just check with our honeymoon experts to plan your adventure today!

3 Great Holiday Honeymoon Destinations

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Getting married during the holidays is a great way to add an extra special touch to the big day. It’s also a fantastic way to make certain the honeymoon trip is filled with wonder and incredibly romantic scenery. With most destinations decked out in the spirit of the season, just about any place in the world can afford couples in love magical experiences. Some destinations, however, stand above the others when it comes to holiday time honeymoons.

Here are just a few of our favorite places for holiday honeymoons:

  • The City of Lights: It’s hard to rival Paris in the romantic destination department during any average time of the year. During the holidays, however, the City of Lights becomes truly spectacular. Make a honeymoon stop here during the holidays and you’ll get to see the Champs-Elysées decked out for the season. You can also go ice skating at the Patinoire Sonja Henie or go visit a Christmas market for presents to bring home, along with the hundreds of other things to see and do. Keep in mind, this is a cold season in Paris, so you might even get to see some of the famous sites blanketed in fresh snow.
  • Mexico: Escape the cold for a trip to a slightly warmer climate. Mexico offers a world of possibilities for honeymooners looking for adventure, pampering and romance. Whether you plan to stay near the Gulf or on the Pacific side, you’ll find Mexico is especially stunning during the holidays. Its famous resorts, such as El Dorado Royale, the One & Only Cabo and Viceroy Zihuatenajo go above and beyond to make sure honeymooners have the time of their lives no matter the season. Depending on what part of Mexico you choose for your honeymoon, you’ll be able to take in some incredible sights and activities, too. Here you can relax on a beach, climb a mountain, tour ancient sites, go hiking, fishing, biking, shopping and much more.
  • The Bahamas: Get away from it all by visiting a tropical paradise with a twist for a holiday honeymoon. The One & Only’s Ocean Club is the perfect place to center a honeymoon adventure. Here you’ll be treated to first-class service at a resort that didn’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to beauty and luxury.

The holidays are an amazing time for a honeymoon adventure. To check out these three options and even a few more special destinations, just check with our honeymoon travel experts.

Explore The Out-Islands of the Bahamas for your honeymoon adventure

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Bahamas honeymoons are dreams come true for those with a passion for sun, surf, sand and a laid-back Caribbean culture that welcomes visitors from all over the world. It’s that last part, however, that can cramp a romantic honeymoon’s style and take the intimacy right out of the adventure.

Don’t despair though; if the turquoise waters of the Bahamas are calling and you want to make sure privacy is still in the cards, there are destinations you can add to your itinerary. Just consider the Bahamas out-islands for your honeymoon trip.

The out islands are the perfect place for romantic getaways and they number more than a few. Here are just a few of the options to consider as you plan out your honeymoon getaway:

Bimini – This island is famed for its pristine beaches and its exceptional fishing. It was, in fact, one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite places to escape the rat race. Bimini is just 50 miles off the coast of Florida and its sights are legendary. They include the Bimini Road, the ruins that some believe might just have led to the “Lost City of Atlantis” and others. The resorts here are world-class, too, which means you can count on incredible service.

Exumas – Known for its highly romantic private beaches and incredible scuba diving spots, this island is off the beaten path, which is just perfect for honeymooners. Here you’ll find the renowned Sandals Emerald Bay resort that boasts its own private beach and more amenities than you can easily count.  Check out Georgetown, visit the Government Wharf or just go snorkelling to see under those turquoise waters. Three Sisters Reef is also a favorite spot for those who like to dive.

Acklins – Imagine walking on a beach at sunset with a lighthouse in the distance and no other people in sight. Honeymoon in this Bahamas Out Island and that picture can become reality. This island is noted for its bonefishing, low population and outstanding resorts. It’s also ideal for those who love snorkelling.

The Bahamas Out Islands are the perfect honeymoon destination for those that want high romance coupled with incredible activities. Other possibilities to explore include the Berry Islands, Cat Island, Long Island and Harbour Island.

Ready to look into the Bahamas Out Islands for your honeymoon getaway? Just consult with our honeymoon travel consultants for the scoop on the great places to go and where to stay.

Barbados: Honeymoon in Luxury

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Dreaming of escaping to a tropical paradise where your every need will be taken care of immediately after you and your sweetheart say your “I do’s?” If so, Barbados just might be the slice of heaven you’ve been looking for. This Caribbean island is famed for its beauty and even more renowned for the luxury its service industry knows how to dish up.

So, why should you consider Barbados for your honeymoon? Here are just a few reasons:

  • The landscape – Consider the most beautiful postcard picture you’ve ever seen of the sand, surf and sun and Barbados just might top it. With crystal clear waters, powdery beaches and a lush, green tropical interior, Barbados paints the perfect picture for a romantic honeymoon adventure. You’ll even find there are mountains to climb. Mount Hillaby, in fact, is more than 1,200 feet above sea level.
  • The things to do – Barbados has more things to see and do than any couple could possibly take in on a honeymoon. From hiking, biking and swimming to touring historic sites and beyond, you’re not going to run out of fun things to explore while you’re in Barbados. You’ll find there are activities here to match just about every taste, too. It doesn’t matter whether you just like sightseeing or you want to enjoy adrenaline pumping high adventure, you’ll find it in Barbados.
  • The rum – Believe it or not, this is one of Barbados’ many claims to fame. This island paradise gets the credit as the birthplace of rum. Inasmuch, you can expect to find many libations made with this particular spirit at hotels, restaurants and beachside bars. You can also tour historic sites connected to the production of rum. There are also rum shops and rum distilleries well worth exploring.
  • The House – No, this isn’t an ordinary abode with historic appeal waiting for you to explore. Instead, it’s one of the premier destinations in Barbados for couples on their honeymoon. This resort is an adults-only destination that’s famed the world over. It features top-notch service, its own Zagat-rated restaurant and plenty of on-site activities. Guests here enjoy private rooms that boast a variety of luxury appointments, such as flat-screen televisions, espresso machines, private porches and more.

Finding the right place for your honeymoon is important. If a tropical paradise is your dream, Barbados is the place to go. To find out more about this stunning escape, just consult with our honeymoon travel experts.

4 Reasons To Honeymoon In Aruba

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4 Reasons to Honeymoon in Aruba

Picking a great place to honeymoon isn’t exactly easy. After all, the world is filled with exotic, romantic and interesting destinations. Trying to decide on just one can be nearly impossible! If the idea of sipping cool drinks on a warm beach as soft waves gently lap at the sand appeals, Aruba just might be the place to go.

Located in the southern Caribbean, Aruba is a small island that packs a very big punch when it comes to fun and romance. In fact, this destination, technically a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a favorite vacation spot for people from all over the world.

Here are just a few reasons why Aruba is such a popular spot for honeymooners:

  1. The climate – Aruba’s 70 or so square miles are graced with warm, dry weather most of the time. Visitors here can anticipate sunny days almost year round with little chance for severe weather. While a few bad days are to be expected anywhere, Aruba also has the distinction of being a Caribbean hotspot that’s outside the hurricane belt.
  2. The culture – Considering its Caribbean location and its Dutch relations, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Aruba is a unique place to visit when the cultural scene is considered. While European flavors are heavily seen in the architecture here, visitors will find that Caribbean favorites such as Carnival are a big part of the cultural landscape.
  3. The things to do – While the sun kissed beaches draw in plenty of visitors, there are more things to do and see here than many realize. Water sports, of course, are a big part of Aruba’s draw. The island, however, also has casinos, exceptional shopping, natural wonders to explore and much, much more. For those interested in sampling local cuisine, the island is famed for its Caribbean flavors. Plus, visitors here will find Dutch cuisine, Asian, European and even American burgers on the menu in many locations.
  4. The service – Like the rest of the Caribbean, the folks in Aruba know how to treat visitors. Honeymooners here can choose from high-end resorts that offer every amenity imaginable. It’s also possible to find some really interesting boutique resorts that offer honeymooners all the privacy and romance they desire.

To find out more about spending a few days basking in Aruba’s sun, just consult our honeymoon travel advisors. This Caribbean destination packs all the beauty of the region into a small package with a distinctly Dutch styling.

Honeymoon at One of Our Favorite Overwater Bungalows

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Escaping to the splendor of a tropical paradise paints the perfect picture for a honeymoon that’s filled with wonder and romance. There’s just something so over-the-top romantic about falling to sleep with the gentle rolls of waves underneath a luxury bungalow that’s been designed for the ultimate in enjoyment.

Overwater bungalows are a favorite resort accommodation in destinations all over the world. This highly private design is perfect for honeymooners who want an escape from it all. To help you explore the possibilities, here are a few of our favorite resorts with overwater bungalows:

  • The Likuliku Lagoon Resort in Fiji – This amazing South Pacific destination boasts 10 private overwater bungalows and a total of 35 beach bungalows for those who aren’t so sure how they feel about sleeping over the water. Some of this resort’s rooms have their own private plunge pools, too. Visitors here will find that every room was designed with luxury in mind. The appointments are tropical chic and each bungalow boasts its own private porch for watching the sun sets in peace. The resort also has its own on-site dining and spa.
  • InterContinental Tahiti Resort in Tahiti – This destination is also found in the South Pacific and boasts a total of 32 overwater bungalows. Visitors here will find this destination boasts all the comforts of home and the luxuries that honeymooners expect. The resort features its own private beach, a diving center, two pools, restaurants, bars and more. Plus, visitors here can stroll gardens, visit gift shops, luxuriate in the spa and much more.
  • Hotelito Desconocido in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Offering some of the most spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, this resort has a combination of traditional villas and overwater bungalows. The resort itself has wedding and banquet facilities, so it’s perfect for combination destination weddings/honeymoons. Visitors here can enjoy such activities as horseback riding, mountain biking, sailing, windsurfing and more. There’s even an on-site spa, fishing, cooking lessons and more. To make this destination even sweeter, honeymooners will discover two onsite ocean view restaurants for their dining pleasure.

When it comes to romance and privacy, it’s hard to top an escape to a tropical paradise for a honeymoon adventure. If the ultimate experience is desired, overwater bungalows deliver. There are resorts around the world that offer their guests this distinctly romantic experience. Just check with our honeymoon travel advisors to explore the possibilities even further.

4 Tips For Planning Your Winter Honeymoon

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While the summer months always get the attention for their famed weddings, there’s just something spectacular about the winter season. Weddings staged this time of year can be just as spectacular – and oftentimes even more so. As beautiful as wintertime ceremonies can be, it’s the honeymoons that can really shine though.

If you’re exploring the possibilities that winter honeymoons deliver, here are four tips you need to consider:

  • Consider the weather that appeals very carefully – Winter honeymoons can present with a world of options when it comes to weather. If you love the idea of skiing the slopes by day and snuggling up by a warm fire in the evenings, winter is the perfect time of year for many American and European destinations. Should you cherish the idea of warming up on the beach by day and relaxing in a pool at night, there are plenty of locales that can make that dream come true, as well.
  • Stake out your country of choice early – Planning a winter honeymoon is a whole lot like scheduling a getaway any other time of year. Deciding on the country you want to vacation in, however, is always an important consideration. If you want balmy weather in January, most American destinations might be off limits (with a few exceptions). With this in mind, you’ll want to make this determination early to ensure you have a passport lined up should out-of-country travel be on your agenda.
  • Budget and book early – Many of the world’s best loved and most visited honeymoon destinations are hot commodities when the temperatures dip. Warmer locations, for example, are loved by tourists all over the world as snow begins to fall. Ski resorts, of course, start booking overtime when the slopes are just right. With this in mind, it’s important for you and your sweetie to budget for and book your winter honeymoon as early as possible. This just will help you be certain accommodations in your dream destination are reserved without question.
  • Work with a planner – No matter when and where you want to go on your honeymoon, it’s always a good idea to work directly with a travel advisor. An expert in this field can help you pick the perfect location for wintertime romance.

Winter weddings are stunning, but the honeymoons are often even more spectacular. Start planning early to make sure you have the trip of your dreams. And don’t forget to consult our experts to make booking your getaway even easier.

3 Reasons Why All-Inclusive is right for your honeymoon

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While your wedding day might be the biggest, most exciting day of your life, it’s what comes later that really sets the stage for your journey as husband and wife. Your honeymoon affords you an opportunity to enjoy some much-needed alone time before you face the challenges of the “real world.” It also gives you a wonderful chance to make memories that will last forever and be cherished always.

With all that in mind, it’s little wonder that honeymoon planning is such an important aspect of getting ready for the big day. Planning the perfect honeymoon can be one of the most difficult “details” in the entire event, but it doesn’t have to be. When you work with a honeymoon travel expert and consider all-inclusive, boutique resorts, you’ll find most of the details take care of themselves.

Why would you want to consider an all-inclusive resort for your first trip as husband and wife? Here are just three reasons why it’s one of the best ways to go:

  1. The destination possibilities – All-inclusive resorts don’t limit you on where you can go. The reality is there are great resorts that offer all-inclusive options found all over the world. From famous destinations close to home to those in Europe, the Caribbean and beyond, you’ll discover a world of possibilities when you select this route.
  2. The pampering – All-inclusive, boutique resorts are well accustomed to helping honeymooners have the time of their lives. Select some of the best and you’ll find that every detail is handled for your stay and all you have to do is enjoy. Boutique resorts are an especially good choice because they tend to be smaller and more intimate. Staff members at these destinations know how to provide the service that makes a honeymooning couple want to come back.
  3. The simplicity – Considering all the details that go into wedding planning, it’s nice to have a simple – yet incredible – option for the honeymoon. All-inclusive resorts provide this by making sure guests only have to worry about checking in and having fun. Everything necessary for a great time is included in the initial price. That takes the financial guesswork out of planning a honeymoon.

Your honeymoon is an important adventure meant to help you forge memories that will be cherished forever. Take the work and worry out of planning this journey by considering an all-inclusive resort in your destination of choice. Our honeymoon travel experts can help you find the perfect resort for your romantic getaway.

Brandon & Katie- El Dorado Royale

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Kim was perfect with booking our trip she kept us within our budget and got us wonderful upgraded perks! Even when we had a plane issue she was there when I texted with a quick response. She is great!