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3 Locations to Make Your Vow Renewal Rock

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Renewing your vows is an outstanding way to create new memories to last a lifetime while celebrating a love that has only grown since the first time down the aisle. If you’re planning a ceremony and are hoping to go someplace warm, tropical and exotic without having to give up the finer things in the life, Mexico delivers all that and more. This country’s Cancun region is home to some of the most beautiful vow renewal settings in the entire world.

Here are just a few of our favorite resorts for couples who want to say their “I do’s” all over again:

  • Secrets Maroma – This stunning resort is nestled away from it all with its own private beach that’s surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation. As an adults-only spa resort, it’s not ideal for couples who want to bring kids along for the big day. For intimate, romantic renewals, however, it’s hard to beat with its private beachfront gazebo for ceremonies, ballroom for receptions and other amenities that seem never ending. With all-inclusive gourmet packages and staff at the ready to make every moment memorable, this is a hard resort to top for intimate renewal ceremonies.
  • El Dorado Royale – This Cancun gem is located in the Riviera Maya. As an adults-only spa resort, it’s also perfect for romantic, grownup vow renewal ceremonies. With 478 suites, staff especially assigned to help design wedding and vow renewal events, a private beach and lots of amenities, this resort makes sure couples and their guests have the time of their lives. To make pricing easier, it offers wedding packages with amazing gourmet dishes included.
  • Azul Beach – If the plan is to bring the whole family along, this kid-friendly boutique resort is sure to please. Featuring 24-hour room service, a lobster-only menu, pools, a spa and other amenities, the resort doesn’t skip a beat. It also offers signature wedding designers to ensure vow renewal ceremonies are stunning, right down to the flowers. There’s even a spa for the grownups and a kids’ club for the little ones.

If it’s time to start planning a vow renewal that’s sure to be memorable, Cancun’s resorts will not disappoint. Check with our vow renewal experts for the ins and outs of booking ceremonies that are sure to create memories to last a lifetime.

Anniversary Trips For Picky Eaters

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Anniversary Trips for Picky Eaters

Champagne, caviar and the finer things in life describe your tastes to perfection. Your spouse, however, prefers meat and potatoes with a side of bread and butter. With that big anniversary just around the corner, your heart’s probably set on foodie travel, but your honey just isn’t having any of it.

What can you do?

Fortunately, you can have your cake and eat it, too, when it comes to culinary travel. There are some great ideas for anniversary trips that will delight your taste buds while ensuring your spouse gets those daily servings of plain meat and potatoes. Here are just a few of the best ways to comprise without really having to:

  • Consider an all-inclusive resort – The world truly is your oyster if you decide to celebrate that anniversary with a trip to an all-inclusive resort. The best locations around the world offer menus that delight those who love foodie travel while also having plenty of items the picky among us prefer. The best part is you might even be able to get that picky-eating spouse to try something new. If it’s not done to taste, you can order something else without having to pay extra. With resort locations that offer all-inclusive food options available in some of the world’s top anniversary travel destinations, you can go just about anywhere your taste buds take you and ensure your spouse won’t starve in the process. From the islands of the South Pacific to Europe, the Caribbean and beyond, this is a great way to have your cake and eat it, too.
  • Book a cruise – Cruise lines are famed for their buffets and restaurants that offer something for everyone without skimping on flavors meant to please the most discriminating of gourmets. With their all-inclusive meal pricing and 24-hour food availability, both your tastes will be pleased. Plus, cruises tend to have a wonderfully romantic side, making them perfect for anniversary celebrations.
  • Consult with your anniversary travel advisor – If you prefer checking out local restaurants when you travel, consult with your travel advisor for destinations that offer the best options for foodie travel with a picky eater along for the ride. Chances are your advisor will have some great ideas in mind on where to go, what to see and where to eat to make both of you happy.

Celebrating that big anniversary doesn’t have to turn into a battle of the taste buds. Just work with our travel experts to find the best options to please both your tastes.

3 Great Places To Renew Your Vows in 2014!

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3 Great Places to Renew Your Vows this Year

Love your sweetheart more today than the day you said “I do?” Then why not celebrate the new year by reaffirming those vows and letting all your friends and family know just how deep your commitment runs? A vow renewal ceremony is a tremendously romantic way to celebrate an anniversary or simply to declare the depth of your love that has only grown over time.

Planning to say “I do” all over again and actually coming up with the perfect place to do so can be easier said than done. Here are some great destinations to consider using as the backdrop for the big day:

  • California’s wine country – Whether you intend to host a private ceremony or you want all your friends and family present, Napa Valley is an awesome place for a vow renewal. Not only is it a stunning part of the country, but this region has plenty of resorts and venues that are well equipped to help make sure the big event goes off without a hitch. And, while Napa has a strong appeal for adult foodies and wine aficionados alike, there’s also plenty for younger guests to see and do.
  • Tampa’s Epicurean hotel – For a quiet getaway just for two (or a few close friends, as well), this destination is well worth checking out. The new resort is built as a mecca for foodies, featuring upscale accommodations, world-class dining and on-site culinary lessons. To make it even more enjoyable, the Epicurean resort is found within Tampa’s trendy SoHo district where there are tons of options for things to see and do. Plus, SoHo is a short drive from the Bay area’s pristine beaches, which always serve as an amazing backdrop for wedding and vow renewal ceremonies.
  • Mexico – If out-of-country travel is what you have in mind, Mexico is highly worthy of exploration. From its Pacific coast beaches to the interior archeological sites all the way to the Gulf, this country is famed for its resorts and breathtaking landscapes. Visitors to Mexico’s top resorts will find putting together a vow renewal ceremony is a snap thanks to highly trained staff that are more than willing to tend to all the little details.

Keep in mind these are just three possibilities. The world is chockfull of amazing places to mark special moments. Our pros can help you pick just the right spot for your renewal ceremony while ensuring you and your sweetheart have the time of your lives.

Tips For Planning A Surprise Vow Renewal

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Whether you’re hoping to surprise the love of your life with a vow renewal ceremony to mark a big anniversary or you’re treating a special couple with the romantic gesture, there are some things you’ll need to consider to pull off such a big undertaking on the down low.  When having the element of surprise is half the fun, you’ll need to pay attention to the little details while making certain no one tips off the honoree or honorees.

Here are some details you’ll want to attend to as early in the planning as possible:

  • The date and location: These two particular items go hand-in-hand whether you’re planning a ceremony in the couple’s backyard or one on an exotic island in the South Pacific. Without the date, you can’t book the venue. If possible, consider hosting the ceremony on or close to the couple’s actual anniversary. This proximity can help you with your “cover story,” but we’ll get more into that later.
  • The ceremony details: Be sure to answer questions like what type of ceremony should be held, who will officiate and how the sequence of events will play out as early as possible. Also be sure to start considering the post-ceremony reception as early as you can. Keep in mind, the ceremony and reception don’t have to be as elaborate as an actual wedding.
  • The guest list: This is an incredibly important detail you won’t want to leave on the backburner for long. Even if you plan on hosting the ceremony close to the couple’s home, people will need advance notice to be able to attend. This can be especially so if the location requires travel. Be sure to let guests know about the surprise factor involved. And, don’t feel overwhelmed by planning a huge guest list. Some of the most memorable renewal ceremonies only involve close family and a few dear friends.
  • The cover story: Once you have the where, when, who, how and after party planned, you’re going to need to be able to get your couple to the location, dressed appropriately. This is where a cover story comes in. For renewals that take place close to anniversary dates, the cover can be simple. “We’re taking you out to a fancy dinner to celebrate,” will suffice for a ceremony close to home. “We all chipped in for a romantic trip to (insert your dream location here) for your anniversary,” can work wonders for a ceremony that involves travel. Just be sure your story is believable.

Planning a vow renewal ceremony for your love or a couple that’s dear can take a lot of forethought. To make it easier when it comes to ironing out those little details, consider bringing in our anniversary travel experts early in the planning. Our pros can help with everything from travel arrangements to booking a venue for the party.

Renewing Your Vows In Kauai

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Renewing Your Vows In Kauai

Reaffirming your love and commitment is an excellent way to mark a milestone anniversary and create a celebration that family and friends can enjoy. Picking the perfect location to say I do all over again, however, can be a bit of a trick.

If you’re looking for a romantic backdrop that’s exotic, but doesn’t necessarily require guests to stand in line at the passport office, Kauai couldn’t be more perfect if it tried. Known as Hawaii’s “Garden Isle,” Kauai is famed for its stunning landscapes, outstanding resorts and incredible things to see and do. Whether it’s your intent to bring the whole family along for a vow renewal ceremony or you want an intimate affair just for two, this island is hard to top.

Here are just a few reasons why Kauai is an ideal spot for a vow renewal that will make memories to last a lifetime:

  • It’s unusual: While Kauai is one of Hawaii’s main islands, it isn’t the most trafficked or traveled. If you want to go somewhere “different” for your special day, this island fits the “exotic” department to a T, but doesn’t skimp a bit on the splendor Hawaii is famed for. Here you will find the beauty of volcanic mountains, lush tropical gardens and resorts that are ready to serve your every need. What you aren’t likely to find are throngs of people at every turn as is often the case in the more tourist-trafficked destinations, such as Honolulu.
  • Its attractions are breathtaking: Kauai is home to an incredible array of sights and has plenty of attractions that offer visitors much to see and do. This island is home to Waimea Canyon State Park, the Makaleha Mountains, McBryde Garden, Moloaa Bay and the “Sleeping Giant,” which is also known as Nounou Mountain. Visitors here can take part in everything that makes Hawaii such a loved destination, too. Golfing, swimming, sailing, hiking and more all await on the island of Kauai.
  • Its resorts deliver luxury and service: Just because Kauai is a bit off the beaten path doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver in the luxury department. The island is home to some of the world’s best resorts. From small, romantic boutiques to well-known international chains, the resorts here are ready to serve and many even offer assistance with planning and putting on vow renewal ceremonies that are picture perfect.

Hawaii is a quintessential vow renewal destination. If you want to put an exotic spin into the adventure, speak with our vow renewal experts about booking your big day on the Garden Isle of Kauai.

5 Tips For Writing Your Vow Renewal Vows

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Whether you used traditional vows for your first ceremony or you wrote your own, coming up with something fresh, wonderful and definitive of the time you and your sweetheart have spent together isn’t always easy. You want vows that say what’s in your heart and chances are you want them to stand apart from those used in your first ceremony.

To help you get started penning what’s in your heart, here are a few tips that might make the words flow more freely:

Tell a story: You and your special someone are renewing your vows. That means you’ve spent years and perhaps even decades together. Is there a defining moment in your time together that embodies why your honey is so special to you? Tell that story and use it as a springboard to renew your commitment to each other.

Keep a journal: In the weeks and days leading up to your vow renewal ceremony, carry around a journal for jotting down vow ideas. Use it to list out the reasons for your love, why your personal connection is so deep and why you’re willing to stand up and say “I do” all over again. Use those notes to help you craft the actual vows you’ll recite during your ceremony.

Borrow from a master: Can’t come up with just the right words to express why your spouse is so special to you? It’s OK to borrow words from the greats when they fit what’s in your heart. If you have a song together, a favorite poem or even lines from a movie that fit what you mean to each other, use them. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Just be sure to put your own special spin on the sentiments expressed.

Write what’s in your heart: You don’t have to be Shakespeare to craft renewal vows that won’t leave a dry eye in the house. Just say what’s in your heart. Tell the person you love why you do and what it is about them that makes you want to spend your entire life walking hand-in-hand.

Keep it simple: Remember when you stood and recited your vows at your original wedding? Remember how the words didn’t matter as much as the look in your eye and how it reflected what was in your heart? If you’re saying “I do” once again, that same rule applies. With that in mind, just keep your vows simple and heartfelt and you can’t go wrong.

Writing your own unique vows for a renewal ceremony is a wonderful way to reflect back on the years and how your special someone has become even more so through time. Keep in mind, if you say what’s truly in your heart, your words are guaranteed to be perfect.

Say “I Do” Again at El Dorado Royale

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Say I Do Again at El Dorado Royale

Looking for an adults-only getaway destination that’s just perfect for a romantic vow renewal ceremony? Set your sights on Mexico’s Riviera Maya and give the El Dorado Royale a very close look. This all-inclusive resort has what it takes to make a vow renewal memorable– perhaps even more so than the first time you said “I do.”

Located in the Mexican Caribbean, El Dorado Royale is an all-inclusive spa resort that’s adored by travelers who want to enjoy incredible views and lots of privacy. The resort’s staff is well trained in helping honeymooners and those celebrating anniversaries and vow renewals enjoy the time of their lives, too.

Romantic packages here include such perks as:

  • Beach beds – Imagine enjoying quiet moments alone while a warm ocean breeze blows and waves lap at the beach. Located for the utmost privacy, these accommodations even come with their own beach butler so you can enjoy the best in service.
  • Candlelight dinners on the beach – Celebrate your love for each other while enjoying quiet dinners with a view.
  • Couples massages – Enjoy the very best in relaxation courtesy of the resort’s own spa.

So, what else can you expect from a stay at the El Dorado? Here are just a few other features that make this the ultimate couple’s getaway:

  • The rooms – Whether you select a standard room or upgrade to a suite, you’ll discover each is well appointed with romance and privacy in mind.
  • The activities – If you don’t want to spend your entire vacation on the beach or in your room, you’ll find this resort packs in the activities. Guests here can enjoy such things as archery, beach volleyball, bike tours, dances, darts, kayaking, cooking lessons, soccer and much more. There are also fresh water pools, a sauna and the world-famous spa to visit.
  • The food – El Dorado boasts a number of onsite restaurants that are included in the price of the stay. Meals are served throughout the day and well into the night for those who don’t like to eat too early. Guests will discover several culinary themes at work here, which means it’s impossible not to find something amazing on the menu. El Dorado also boasts a number of bars, including quite a collection of swim-up locations.

If you’re ready to say “I do” all over again, why not explore a resort that’s distinctly grown up in its appeal. Mexico’s El Dorado delights with surprises.

Have you been thinking about renewing your vows? Talk to our experts today!

Renewing Your Vows At Ladera

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Renew Your Vows at Ladera

Imagine relaxing on a private porch that overlooks the Caribbean’s pristine blue waters as stunning, prehistoric looking mountain peaks rise in the distance, creating a landscape that’s simultaneously awe-inspiring and highly romantic. Renew your vows at the Ladera Resort and that view will just be a small slice of the wonder, beauty and romance you experience.

Located in the Eastern Caribbean’s island of St. Lucia, Ladera is a world-class resort that’s designed perfectly for couples desiring a unique setting for their vow renewal ceremonies. With only 32 suites on site, intimacy isn’t an issue here and the view delivered by the suites’ “open walls” makes it very easy to believe that no one else in the world exists.

Here are just a few other reasons why Ladera is the ideal place for a vow renewal ceremony to top all others:

  1. The experience – The staff at Ladera knows how to ensure couples have the time of their lives. They are well versed at facilitating weddings and vow renewals alike and even have the perfect spot for the ceremony ready-made courtesy of Mother Nature. Couples who renew their vows here do so in a spot that overlooks St. Lucia’s famed World Heritage Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. The Pitons are towering twin peaks that have a very prehistoric look about them. Beyond the view, couples can expect on-site staff ready to help them plan out every detail of their big events, so there’s no need to worry about the details.
  2. The activities – One of the big concerns about destination vow renewals often comes in trying to figure out what guests will do before and after the ceremony. Ladera has it covered. Activities here are prefect for grownups and children alike. They include whale and dolphin watching, sailing, shopping trips, live entertainment, cooking classes, boat tours, horseback riding, hiking and more. For a more romantic option, there are even sunset cruises that can be arranged from Ladera.
  3. The accommodations – Imagine having your own luxury suite that’s so well appointed you’ll never want to leave. Now picture that suite with a view of the Caribbean and the rugged landscape of St. Lucia made as visible as possible courtesy of that “open wall.” Top that with a private pool just off your back door and you’ll get an idea of what guests at the Ladera enjoy.

Ready to look into Ladera for your vow renewal? Just speak with our vow renewal specialists for more details on booking and arranging a ceremony you’ll never forget!

Renew Your Vows At Sandals Emerald Bay

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Renew Your Vows at Sandals Exuma

Hoping to find a destination for a vow renewal ceremony and second honeymoon that’s supremely romantic, but still offers lots to do for all those guests you want to come along? Look no further than the Sandals Exuma in the Bahamas.

This luxury resort has everything you need for a destination vow renewal – or a private ceremony with just the two of you present. Its location along a private beach that’s graced with stunning turquoise waters makes it the perfect backdrop for a ceremony you’ll never forget.

Need more reasons to consider Sandals Exuma for your vow renewal? Here are just a few:

  • The accommodations – The word “luxury” doesn’t go quite far enough to describe the suites Sandals Exuma boasts. Bahamas vacationers are hard pressed to locate rooms that offer more beauty, romance and comforts than are found here. The resort even has honeymoon suites with walkout access to the private beach.
  • The activities – Sandals resort guests don’t even have to leave the property to have the time of their life. Not only does Exuma have its own private beach, but guests can also partake in water activities, tennis, scuba diving, golf and more. Many of the amenities at the resort are included in the price of a stay, too. For example, guests have access to canoes and kayaks, hydrobikes, snorkeling gear and more. For a little extra, guests can also play golf, visit the private spa and even relax in their own private cabanas on the beach.
  • The food – Have a favorite type of cuisine? Chances are you’re going to find it at the Sandals Exuma. The resort has a number of on-site restaurants and bars that feature flavors from all over the world. Asian, Italian, British, French – and of course Caribbean – cuisine are all on the menu. What’s even better is dining is available anytime and spreads at most of the eateries are included in the price!
  • The service – Sandals is noted for its top-notch service for guests. The Sandals Exuma is not an exception to this rule by a longshot. Guests here can expect the very best from the moment they arrive. Staff can also help you plan out your renewal ceremony from start to finish.

Thinking of a Bahamas getaway to renew your vows? The Sandals Exuma has everything you need and more to create an experience you’ll never forget. Just consult with our vow renewal experts for more details about this destination.

Our Favorite Beach Vow Renewal Destinations

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The only thing more romantic than spending your anniversary saying your “I do’s” all over again is doing so with a tropical sunset in the background.

If you’re dreaming of a beach getaway for your upcoming anniversary vow renewal ceremony, have we got some ideas for you! Not only are these locations some of the best in the world, they are also all renowned for their incredibly hospitable resorts that have staff members who would be thrilled to help make sure your special day goes off without a hitch for you and your guests.

Here are some of our top beach vow renewal destination recommendations:

Renew your vows in Aruba – This classic Caribbean destination provides a stunning backdrop for a vow renewal ceremony. Not only are its beaches legendary, its culture is one you and your guests are sure to love. You’ll enjoy some great scenery, incredible history and service that’s second to none here.  To put a little icing on the cake, Aruba is even close enough to the United States that a trip here shouldn’t take too long.

Be dazzled by Bora Bora – Spend your anniversary in Bora Bora and you’ll soon learn what all the fuss is about when it comes to this Pacific destination. This particular island is famed for its distinct landscape, lush tropical vegetation, stunning mountains and lovely beaches. You’ll even find bungalows over the water for that extra special second honeymoon stay after you renew your vows in Bora Bora.

Find never-ending fun in Fiji – Whether you intend to have lots of friends and family join you or you and your honey just want to renew your vows in an intimate ceremony, this South Pacific destination is sure to please. Fiji is perfect for anniversary trips thanks to its pristine beaches, local flavors, friendly people and breathtaking landscapes. Romantics adore this destination not only for its beauty, but also the level of service provided at local resorts. From fun in the sun to dining in style, you won’t get bored in Fiji.

Renew your vows in Hawaii – Should you want a destination that’s still “exotic,” but doesn’t require a passport for you and your guests, pick Hawaii. This state has all the wonders of the South Pacific to offer plus it makes travel just a little more convenient. While it’s still America, the Hawaiian islands have a styling that’s all their own.

Want to explore other beach vow renewal destinations or book a trip to one of our favorite spots? Just contact one of our travel advisors to get started!