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Bliss Honeymoons is an award winning travel agency offering island weddings and unique honeymoon packages to the top ten honeymoon destinations in the world.

You can try on the dress, see your venue, and listen to your wedding band before you book, but you can’t pre-visit your honeymoon destination. By working with Bliss Honeymoons though, you’ll be able to really envision your destination and resort before you leave on your trip. “


Visit the Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Have you been spending hours staring at your computer trying to plan your romantic get-away?

Every day we help couples just like you who are looking for a trusted resource who can provide answers to their most pressing travel questions.


Just as you are no ordinary couple, this is no ordinary trip. It’s an extraordinary journey. It’s the intangible items, the ones you can’t get from an online site that will make all the difference, and likely what brought you to us.

Are you

  • Overwhelmed by the amount of information that you’re finding online?
  • Not sure what a package should cost, and don’t want to pay too much?
  • Confused by the lingo. What does all inclusive, free upgrade, or first class really mean?
  • Getting married in the middle of hurricane season, and not sure how that may affect your plans?
  • Considering using a travel professional, but leery of the costs involved?
  • Concerned about the cultural differences, language barriers, or passport requirements?
  • Spending hours doing research and reading reviews, and finding it just leads to more questions & stress?


Some of our clients are very well traveled, while others haven’t ventured far from home. But they all have the same goal- to have an outstanding experience without having to worry if they’ve made the right choice.

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