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Making Your Dream Come True

Have you dreamed of getting married on the beach surrounded by family and friends? How about with the outdoors with the mountains as a backdrop? Regardless what your special dream is, Bliss Honeymoons can make it come true. We work with the world’s most popular destination wedding resorts and are on a first-name basis with some of the best wedding coordinators around the globe.


Happy Guests-Not Stress! With Bliss Honeymoons, all of the travel needs for your family and friends will be handled seamlessly. This means less stress for you, and no frantic last minute phone calls from missing guests who have missed their flights or forgotten their passport. Best of all, you will completely avoid the awkwardness that usually accompanies the mix of family, friends, and money, as Bliss Honeymoons handles all the financial aspects of your destination wedding.

With Bliss Honeymoons by your side, all of the difficulty of destination wedding planning is gone!


 Here’s 5 ways the pros at Bliss Honeymoons will save your sanity.


    1. We negotiate the group contracts: You could spend days requesting information and never get a response from half the hotels you contact. We take care of negotiating the group rates and benefits for your wedding party.
    2. We manage your guest list: We take your guests through the booking process from start to finish. You’ll be able to see you has booked, declined, or is still unsure of their plans  in real time.  And your guests will feel completely at ease with the booking process.
    3. We manage your guests’ wishes: One guest demands a room location with tons of privacy. Your mom and uncle are sharing a room, and must have two beds. We manage all of these requests, and communicate them to the person at the resort that can make sure that your guests needs are met.
    4. We manage payments: Can you imagine the awkwardness that would come with having to tell one of your wedding guests that their credit card declined? We manage all deposits and final payments, and tactfully follow up with anyone who may need a little reminder about when their payments are due.
    5. We manage flight schedule changes: 8 of your wedding guests are departing from Detroit, and Delta just decided to discontinue the non-stop flights they booked 2 months ago. Would you know what to do? Managing flight schedule changes probably isn’t something you have time to tackle, but it’s something we do every day.

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