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Making Your Dream Come True

Have you dreamed of getting married on the beach surrounded by family and friends? How about with the outdoors with the mountains as a backdrop? Regardless what your special dream is, Bliss Honeymoons can make it come true. We work with the world’s most popular destination wedding resorts and are on a first-name basis with some of the best wedding coordinators around the globe.


Happy Guests-Not Stress! With Bliss Honeymoons, all of the travel needs for your family and friends will be handled seamlessly. This means less stress for you, and no frantic last minute phone calls from missing guests who have missed their flights or forgotten their passport. Best of all, you will completely avoid the awkwardness that usually accompanies the mix of family, friends, and money, as Bliss Honeymoons handles all the financial aspects of your destination wedding.

With Bliss Honeymoons by your side, all of the difficulty of destination wedding planning is gone!


 Our destination wedding services include:

  • Assistance with selection of the destination wedding location that meets your dreams and budget.
  • Assistance with understanding the legal requirements of your destination of choice.
  • We act as a liaison between you and the wedding coordinator at the resort.
  • We help your guests arrange excursions and accommodating any special needs or request.
  • Arranging package options and payment plans for you and your guests.
  • We provide real time updates of your guest list so you’re always in the loop!

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