3 Once-In-A-Lifetime Adventures in Costa Rica

3 Once-In-A-Lifetime Adventures in Costa Rica

If the plan is to spend your anniversary somewhere warm, beautiful and loaded with opportunities for high adventure, put Costa Rica on your radar. This Central American country has all the ingredients that make anniversary trips so memorable while also delivering tremendous surprises in the adventure department.


With coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, this small country packs a punch when it comes to romantic scenery. The nation is home to Central America’s fifth highest peak courtesy of Cerro Chirripo and boasts a number of volcanoes just waiting to be explored, including its largest, the Irazu Volcano. Adding to its beauty and sense of wonder are the country’s stunning beaches, its lush tropical rain forests and its quaint, but lively cities. All of these things combine to make it perfect for highly romantic, off-the-beaten path anniversary trips.


From a home base at one of Costa Rica’s many romantic resorts, anniversary trips can be planned to include plenty of high adventure opportunities. Some of the possibilities this amazing country with a year-round tropical climate delivers include:


  • Hiking near the Tenorio volcano – Head out on foot or in a 4X4 with a guide to explore the breathtaking rain forest in this area. Visitors who explore this slice of paradise can take in such sights as crystal blue waterfalls, lush tropical vegetation and even gain the opportunity to spot monkeys in the wild. Whether this side trip is high-energy or taken at a slow pace, the scenery is like nothing most people have ever witnessed.
  • White water rafting – This country is home to a number of rivers that are just perfect for anniversary trips that include this high adventure sport. For beginners, the Pejibaye river suits perfectly with its action-packed, but lower grading in the technical department. For those more experienced, the Pacuare offers challenges and a stunning background. Guides are generally available to help couples safely traverse these waters.
  • Mountain climbing – The slopes of Costa Rica offer an incredible challenge for those seeking to take their anniversary trips to whole new levels. Chirripo Grande is one of the most popular mountains in the country for climbers who seek challenge topped off with a beautiful background. Other opportunities abound as well thanks to the country’s many slopes.


Tired of boring anniversary trips that lack in the adventure department? Set a course for Costa Rica to liven up your leisure time! To find out more about vacationing in this Central American paradise, be sure to consult with your anniversary travel experts.