Destination Wedding Trends We Love!

Destination Wedding Trends We Love!


Destination Wedding Trends We Love For 2016

Saying your vows in an exotic destination you’ve always dreamed of visiting is a wonderful way to wrap adventure in with the romance for you and all your guests. Making the occasion memorable may involve a little more attention to detail considering the distance, but there are some exceptional resorts, planning and travel advisors all standing by to help bring everything together for your big day.

As destination weddings become easier to plan and much more popular because of their distinction, they are developing their own incredible trends, too. Just like homegrown weddings, there are some things that are very in at the moment. Here are just a few of our absolute favorites in 2016 destination wedding trends:

  • Beach Bbq – It’s no secret that beach weddings are among the most popular for the destination wedding set. After all, the world is home to some amazing natural backdrops for romantic weddings. Beach barbecues – upscale and gourmet or simple and laidback – have become a dominant trend as 2016 gets under way. This concept is fun and it allows for easy incorporation of local cuisine in many of the more popular beach wedding destination spots. The Caribbean, for example, has its own brand of barbecue that’s simply to die for.
  • Metallic color pallets – Incorporating metallic colors into the pallet for outdoor or indoor destination weddings is a wonderful way to add some pop and eye appeal. While metallic colors can serve in attire, many brides and grooms are choosing to add them to the table settings and decorations. Gold, rose gold, bronze and copper are among the most favored selections. Silver is on the decline in its popularity. Accents that work beautifully include copper or bronze wine stands, metal wrapped glasses, candle holders and more.
  • Naked wedding cakes – This option makes for a sweet presentation with natural accents instead of frothy frosting serving as the decorations. Flowers, fresh berries and other embellishments create the eye appeal while guests are likely to favor the lack of sugar overload presented by a thick layer of frosting. As naked cakes have grown in popularity, their designs have become eye-popping.

Destination weddings blend romance, fun and adventure into a single package. Couples considering this option for their big day will find that plenty of help is available to make planning a snap. To learn more about some of the most popular destination wedding spots, resorts and trends for the occasion, just consult with our destination wedding experts.


Photo credits: Metallic wedding dresses from Deer Pearl Flowers via Pinterest