3 Great Reasons to Spend Your Anniversary in Cuba

Cuba anniversary trip, anniversary in Cuba, 10 year anniversary trip, best anniversary travel locations

3 Great Reasons to Spend Your Anniversary in Cuba

Cuba anniversary trip, anniversary in Cuba, 10 year anniversary trip, best anniversary travel locations

Courtesy of warming relations between the United States and Cuba over the past few years, Americans are freer than they’ve been in more than 50 years to visit our island neighbor to the south. With its stunning landscapes, rich culture and tremendous history, Cuba is the perfect destination for couples looking for adventure and romance both.

Couples considering a trip to Cuba to celebrate their anniversaries with a big adventure will find they have to meet a few specific travel requirements. Doing so, however, is easy since educational ventures, cultural exchanges and humanitarian efforts all qualify travelers to make the trek south. Traveling to this country has also been made easier thanks to the opening of cruise ship transit and commercial airline routes.

If the beauty, wonder and historical appeal of Cuba sounds perfect for an anniversary adventure, here are three reasons why the choice is an exceptional one:

1.  The things to see and do

People who find themselves sipping umbrella drinks on Cuba’s Caribbean shores will get to enjoy experiences that most Americans have been unable to take in for the past five decades or so. This country’s history is rich and landmarks can be found at almost every turn. From the sites that dot Old Havana to the wonders of the Hemingway Museum, those interested in exploring Cuba’s history and architecture will have no shortage of places to visit. Historical and cultural sites aside, Cuba is also synonymous with its stunning beaches. Although best known for its Caribbean coastline, the country’s landscape offers great opportunity for adventure courtesy of rugged terrain, including the majestic Sierra Maestra.

2.  The culture

The Cuban culture makes for a fascinating study. From its distinct form of Spanish and its Caribbean-inspired foods to its lively music, those interested in learning more about Cuba and immersing themselves in the culture will find the experience exhilarating. Making the prospect even sweeter are chances to get active in humanitarian and educational exchanges.

3.  The resorts

Cuba was once famed for having some of the best resorts in the entire world. This island country still has amazing resorts available to pamper guests throughout their stay.

To find out more about the beauty and splendor of Cuba and spending an anniversary trip to remember on its shores, check with your travel advisor. Your advisor will be more than happy to help set an itinerary that takes in the very best of Cuba while ensuring requirements for travel are met with perfection.


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