3 Great Reasons To Honeymoon In Antigua

3 Great Reasons To Honeymoon In Antigua

Imagine sipping refreshing drinks with little umbrellas on the side as a warm Caribbean breeze blows over crystal clear turquoise waters. Select Antigua for your honeymoon destination and this fantasy can be reality.

Antigua is quaint little island in the Caribbean Sea that’s often overlooked by honeymooners – very much to their loss. While it only boasts about 108 square miles of land, Antigua packs plenty of things for a newlywed couple to do in its compact space.

This little island is the perfect spot to honeymoon for many reasons. Here are three of the top:

  • The climate – Because of its location so close to the equator, Antigua offers beautiful weather year-round. The winter months see highs in the mid-70s. Summer months do bring slightly warmer weather with highs in the upper 80s. Even so, the Caribbean Sea delivers cool breezes year-round making it comfortable to explore the great outdoors. While rain is common here, Antigua does boast one of the lowest rainfall averages in the eastern Caribbean. Considering is practically perfect year-round climate, Antigua is a fantastic destination no matter the season.
  • The attractions – Antigua is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The island boasts more than 360 different beaches, all famed for their pristine white sand. It also has stunning, rugged coastlines, coral reefs, breathtaking bays and plenty of outdoor attractions to take in. Visitors here find no shortage of things to do either. In addition to water sports and lazing on the beaches, you will find that practically anything you want to do can be done in Antigua. The island is also home to a number of historic sites, harbors, restaurants, shopping areas, nightclubs and more. Honeymooners can also enjoy some serious high adventure here. Kayaking, zip line rain forest tours, parasailing and more are all possible.
  • The resorts – Antigua is home to numerous resorts that are just right for honeymooners looking for first-class service. From quaint little resorts that feature lots of privacy for newlyweds to high-end destinations that are well equipped to cater to every need, visitors here do not have to concern themselves with service.

If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination that’s different and distinctly romantic, Antigua is a spot worth exploring. This little island paradise is naturally romantic, but doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to things to do and incredible places to stay. Just consider the possibilities.