3 Great Reasons To Honeymoon In Sweden

3 Great Reasons To Honeymoon In Sweden

When it comes to dream honeymoon destinations, Europe tends to have a corner on the market. France, Italy, England, Spain and even Holland are often noted for having some of the most romantic options in the world. Sweden, however, doesn’t often make the grade.

There are some amazing reasons why this slice of Scandinavia should be on the list for honeymooners to explore with care. From its distinct culture to its awe-inspiring landscape, Sweden has a lot more going for it than many realize.

While Paris is sure to please and Rome just sounds exotic, here are three reasons why Sweden is for honeymooners:

Its landscape and climate – When it comes to awesome landscapes, Sweden delivers. From the spectacular views provided at Stora Sjöfallet National Park to Lake Hammarsjon and beyond, the rugged beauty here is undeniable. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be able to watch in awe as the Northern Lights paint the skies over Sweden, too. Quaint seaside villages and the countryside also provide visitors here with peaceful landscapes that are sure to warm the heart. Now, if more urban landscaping is to your liking, you’ll find Sweden’s bigger cities don’t disappoint. Stockholm is a wonder onto itself. While part of Sweden is in the Arctic Circle, visitors will find most of the country boasts a temperate climate. That means Sweden experiences all four seasons and the wonders that go along with them.

The activities – From high adventure excursions to romantic, peaceful strolls through some of the country’s more notable cities, the things to do and see in Sweden are impossible to list. If you’re in love with history, explore the many Viking ruins and museums dedicated to the country’s past. Should adventure be in the cards, consider skiing, sailing or mountain climbing in the rugged terrain. Shopping, dining and an unstoppable nightlife all await in places like Stockholm, as well. You can also explore the country’s many parks, seaside destinations and its lovely countryside.

The service – It doesn’t matter whether you choose to spend your honeymoon in Sweden in a big resort of you’re looking for an intimate boutique that will provide extra privacy, you can count on enjoying some incredible service. The resorts here are well known for their attention to detail and their ability to make guests feel welcome and appreciated.

Ready to spend your honeymoon exploring the wonders of Sweden? Just check with our honeymoon travel advisors to learn more about this amazing European destination.