3 Great Reasons to Try a Paul Gaunguin Anniversary Cruise

3 Great Reasons to Try a Paul Gaunguin Anniversary Cruise

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the turquoise waters of the South Pacific up close and personal? Want to explore the stunningly lush tropical islands that have been a favorite for couples from all over the world for years? Wonder why places like Fiji, the Cook Islands and the Marquesas are considered legendary?

Why not set sail for paradise on a Paul Gauguin Anniversary Cruise to the South Pacific? On board a Paul Gauguin cruise, you and your honey will not only enjoy scenery so beautiful it will take your breath away, you’ll also be treated like royalty.

Here are just three of many reasons why a Paul Gauguin cruise might be the perfect solution for your upcoming anniversary trip:

  1. The destinations – Paul Gauguin cruise lines was created especially to cater to those who want to see the South Pacific in all artistic splendor. Itineraries range from 7 to 14 days and include stops in such sought-after destinations as New Zealand, Fiji, the Society Islands and more. Anyone one of these places stands alone in its own right for an incredibly romantic anniversary trip. On a Paul Gauguin cruise, you can see it all. Plus, this cruise line ensures passengers can enjoy lots of adventure on and off-board. Some options include water skiing, swimming, windsurfing and more. And for those who prefer a quieter pace, there’s nothing quite like a romantic stroll along a beach in the South Pacific.
  2. The service – The ship created for Paul Gauguin cruises was designed from top to bottom to cater to a crowd that desires outstanding service. The cruise has a 5-star rating when it comes to service. From the food and rooms right down to the staff that cares for passengers, those on board can expect quality service during every minute of their adventure.
  3. The intimacy – On some cruises, it’s easy to feel like you’ve become lost in a crowd. This isn’t the case with Paul Gaugin. The passenger list is kept limited with only 330 allowed onboard. The crew numbers add 211 to that, which speaks to the level of service the company delivers. Guests on South Pacific tours can expect to enjoy an incredibly romantic trip throughout their stay. Even the staterooms are designed to offer couples their own private getaways. In fact, almost 70 percent of rooms have their own private balconies.

If it’s time to sail away on anniversary adventure, Paul Gauguin cruises are poised to deliver the very best. To find out more, just speak with our anniversary travel specialists.