3 Reasons to Explore Zihuatenajo and Ixtapa for Your Honeymoon

3 Reasons to Explore Zihuatenajo and Ixtapa for Your Honeymoon

Looking for a beautiful, tropical getaway for your honeymoon that’s not on every single tourist’s radar? It might be time to explore the wonders Mexico has to offer. Zihuatenajo and Ixtapa in the state of Guerrero offer everything the big “tourist destinations” do and a whole lot more. Privacy and intimacy, in fact, are two of this area’s biggest draws.

If you aren’t familiar with Guerrero, it’s located in the southwestern part of Mexico. It has a generous Pacific Ocean coastline and more beaches than you could shake a stick at. If you’re hoping to enjoy a slice of paradise while on your honeymoon, there are plenty of reasons to explore this balmy region more closely.

Here are three reasons why Zihuatenajo and Ixtapa should be on your honeymoon planning radar:

  • The natural beauty – The two villages of Zihuatenajo and Ixtapa are located right on the water and boast beautiful, sloping hills leading down to the water. To ensure that a romantic, unspoiled view is always available, these towns have avoided construction of high rises. That means their protected beaches offer a tremendous view that’s not blocked by the hustle and bustle that ruins so many other tourist destinations.
  • The accommodations – While you won’t find towering hotels in this part of Mexico, you will find plenty of first-class accommodations. The area is famed for its private, luxury hotels that make sure visitors have all the pampering they need to really enjoy. If the ultimate in privacy is desired, there are even boutique resorts that ensure newlyweds have the time of their lives.
  • The things to do – The beaches and watersports are two of the biggest draws to this part of Mexico, but you can rest assured there is much more to do here than just play in the sun and surf. With either of these two quaint towns serving as your home base you can easily explore the culture found in a Mexican fishing village. You can also embark on conservation tours, take a day trip into Patzcuaro, Acapulco or go and see the famed colonial architecture of Taxco. Plus, the nightlife in this region doesn’t leave a thing to be desired.

If a quieter pace is desired for your honeymoon, the sister towns of Zihuatenajo and Ixtapa, Mexico, might be exactly what you’re looking for. Zihautanejo, by the way, is the dream destination spoken so highly of in the movie “The Shawshank Redemption.” To find out more about these jewels in the Pacific, just check with our honeymoon travel experts.