3 Reasons You Should Cross The Pond for Your Honeymoon

3 Reasons You Should Cross The Pond for Your Honeymoon


Paris is a given. Rome’s a close second. New York is a classic choice. When it comes to international favorites for honeymoons, these cities always top the list.

How about London? Is it worth crossing the pond to spend a romantic honeymoon in Great Britain?

The answer is a resounding yes. London might have an overcast reputation, but it does shine in the destination department. This is especially so if these three things matter to you and your honey:

  • An endless list of things to do – Whether you intend to stay within the city or venture into the countryside, as well, you’re going to find that the London area is jam packed with fun things to see and do. Here you can see the Tower of London, pay a visit to Buckingham Palace, explore Piccadilly Circus, go for a stroll along the Thames and much more. Plus, there are museums to explore, amazing restaurants to check out and shopping that’s to die for. Now, should you want to venture into the countryside, you’ll discover a whole new slice of life. From quaint, romantic cottages to expansive castles and the world-renowned Stonehenge, you can see them all if London is your honeymoon base of operations.
  • Romance – London is not only cosmopolitan; it’s also highly romantic if you know how to live it up right. If romance matters to you, you’ll find this city does deliver. Picture yourself on a quiet walk along the Thames or flying a kite together in Hyde Park or Hampstead Heath. You can do these things and more when London is your destination of choice. To make things even sweeter, London has its share of romantic nightspots including Boundary, Kettner’s and Princess Garden. You will find dining spots to tempt any taste, too.
  • Service – The London area is home to some of the very best hotels in the entire world. From historic castles that have been transformed into major resorts to small, boutique hotels that cater to practically every whim, you’ll find exactly the right kind of accommodations here to make your honeymoon great. Serve is not an issue when you book one of London’s finer establishments for your honeymoon.

If traveling to London for your honeymoon adventure sounds like the perfect choice, just talk to our honeymoon travel advisors. They can help you map out a trip that will keep you in fond memories for years to come.