3 Scary Places To Spend Your Halloween Honeymoon

halloween honeymoon

3 Scary Places To Spend Your Halloween Honeymoon

As the air begins to chill and autumn leaves cover the sidewalk, couples across the country are taking advantage of the season to scare up some fun with a Halloween themed wedding 0r a Halloween honeymoon. Couples with their hearts set on romantic Halloween honeymoon destinations that also have the ability to deliver a fright or two will find no shortage of outstanding options for those brave enough to explore them.

While outstandingly haunted destinations and attractions can be found in each state, we at Bliss Honeymoons have a few favorites that are sure to deliver a delightful balance of romantic and terror.


Lord Chaz Ghost & Vampire Tours

Halloween honeymoon

There are few places the world that are more enchanting for a Halloween honeymoon than New Orleans’ French Quarter. With lots of old world ambiance, exceptional music and a gritty side that lends excitement to every visit, this city is the perfect romantic option for honeymooners in search of adventure. It also happens to be an excellent choice for those looking for a few scares.

Long lauded for alleged hauntings and supposed ties to vampire kind, New Orleans also is home to plenty of tours meant to delight and dazzle. Lord Chaz’s adventure begins appropriately at Johnny White’s Hole in the Wall on Bourbon Street. The two-hour walking tours feature stops at some of the quarter’s most haunted locations where ghosts, witches and even vampires are said to exist. Tour-goers walk at their own risk and garlic is not provided along with tickets.

As a bonus for our clients with New Orleans on their minds, we highly recommend taking a tour of this city’s above-ground cemeteries. With graves dating back centuries, rumors about ghosts and all manner of otherworldly creatures haunting these locations have persisted for years. Haunted or not, the cemeteries of New Orleans are spectacular to behold and do house some incredible American and Louisiana history.


13th Gate Haunted House

Halloween honeymoon

While still offering the southern charm of New Orleans, Baton Rouge offers its own distinct draws. For people with Halloween themed weddings or a Halloween honeymoon in search of a few scares, the 13th Gate Haunted House will serve up more than a few frights.

This house is regarded by many to be the scariest haunted house in the entire country. The attraction delivers ultra-realism coupled with plenty of dramatic additions. The 13th Gate boasts its own snake-infested Louisiana swamp, voodoo shows, subterranean passages, a prehistoric ice cave and plenty of other creepy features.


Queen Mary

Halloween honeymoon

Halloween honeymoon couples who find themselves California dreaming may want to set a course of Long Beach’s Queen Mary. This historic ship is transformed into a floating house of horrors in time for Halloween each year. The event, dubbed “Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor”, enables visitors to travel through mazes, dodging all manner of haunts as they attempt to escape back to land with their lives and souls intact.

The attraction features six separate mazes for a single ticket price. Each maze features its own monsters that are said to have risen from the ship’s darkest recesses.


To find out more about other hauntingly delicious destinations for newlyweds, be sure to consult with your honeymoon travel advisor. And, if you’re brave enough, speak with your representative to book passage to one of our favorite scariest places!


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