3 Things You Never Knew You Could Do In Australia

3 Things You Never Knew You Could Do In Australia

While it’s certainly true that anywhere you and your sweetheart select for your honeymoon will be special, some places are just more memorable than others. When it comes to unusual, alluring and even highly exotic destinations, it’s simply hard to top Australia.

This beautiful country is famed for its romantic destinations, upscale hotels, all-inclusive resorts, amazing scenery and diverse climates. From the world famous Sydney Opera House to the wilds of the legendary Outback, there is no other place like Australia in the world.

Honeymooners here will find – depending on the time of the year – they can do everything from enjoying a high-end night on the town to skiing, surfing, beachcombing and more. Plus, Australia is home to many quaint towns well worth exploring and has some of the world’s most famous wines made within its boundaries.

Here are three things, however, that most honeymooners don’t know they can do in the land down under:

  • Explore a rainforest – If spending a few days like “Crocodile Dundee” sounds romantic for you and your honey, Australia is for you. Visitors here can go on a four-wheel drive tour of the legendary Daintree rainforest. Here you can check out a diversity of plants and animals. You might even spot a real croc or two.
  • Gamble – If you love flirting with Lady Luck, Vegas doesn’t have to be your only choice for a honeymoon. Melbourne has its own share of casinos that are well worth the visit. The Crown Casino, for example, is open around the clock – just like those in Las Vegas – and it boasts a whopping 25 restaurants and 11 bars on site. Couple this with all the romantic destinations Australia offers honeymooners and it’s hard to imagine rolling the dice on any other trip.
  • Swim with dolphins – Visit Australia’s Monkey Mia – a small town about a day’s drive from Perth – and you can swim with bottle nose dolphins in a natural setting. Yes, that’s right. There’s no reason to pay for the adventure when you can just hit the beach in the morning hours and wait for the friendly group of mammals to make their appearance. It’s said the dolphins here show up beachside just about every single day.

There are great honeymoon destinations all over the world. If going off the beaten path and experiencing something completely unique is desired, the land down under might be the place to go. Australia offers something for every kind of honeymooner. From romance and wild treks to high rolling, this country truly has it all.