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3 Things You Never Knew You Could Do On A Cruise

3 Things You Never Knew You Could Do On A Cruise

Are you looking for something different, romantic and highly entertaining to do for your honeymoon or destination wedding? Why not consider a cruise?

While cruises are famous for their romantic underpinnings and their outstanding service, you and your honey can do a whole lot more aboard a ship than you might realize. Of course, you can partake in romantic dinners, moonlit strolls, off-board adventures, hours of relaxation and more. But, did you know you could also:

  • Learn how to blow glass – Ever wonder how master artisans create amazing pieces with hot sand and a little hot air? Book the right cruise and you could easily find out. Some cruise lines are realizing their patrons delight in exploring the arts while they’re on vacation. To accommodate, they’ve lined up some pretty amazing, hands-on classes to suit. You can learn how to blow one-of-a-kind glass pieces, explore water colors and oil painting, get down and dirty with pottery and a whole lot more, depending on the cruise you book. What better way to spend an anniversary than by exploring new hobbies by day and enjoying romantic nights alone?
  • Become a wine connoisseur – Ever wish you could walk into a fancy dinner or gathering and know how to talk about wine like a pro? Take a cruise and you just might be able to. Some ships are offering hands-on, intense and highly fun wine tasting classes. These courses are designed to introduce newcomers to the fine art of wine making and tasting. Through them you can learn about different styles, the difference the right grapes make and how to sample flavors like an expert. This is a romantic way to spend some time during an anniversary trip and it just might lead to more excursions down the road. After all, California’s Napa Valley might just call to you after you learn more about savoring fine wine.
  • Transform your cooking – Half the fun in going on a cruise is being able to sample amazing dishes from around the world prepared by expert chefs. If you’ve ever wished you could take the food home with you, you just might find you can. Cooking classes headed up by some of the industry’s best chefs are also a possibility.

There are more things to do on a cruise than you might believe. Book your romantic get-away on the water and you just might find that romance and expanding your horizons do go hand-in-hand.