3 Tips For Avoiding Common Honeymoon Planning Pitfalls

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3 Tips For Avoiding Common Honeymoon Planning Pitfalls


honeymoon word in sand avoid honeymoon pitfallsWhile it is true that anyone can plan a honeymoon, not everyone can plan a honeymoon that actually ends up to be as romantic, stress-free and wonderfully memorable as the bride and groom anticipate.

There are also some common pitfalls that can end up turning your honeymoon dreams into honeymoon nightmares. Working with our Bliss Honeymoons wedding travel consultants can help you to avoid these problems and have a honeymoon you will remember, rather than one you wish you could forget.

Avoid Honeymoon Pitfalls

If you are going to plan your own honeymoon, here are some tips from our wedding travel consultants that will help you in avoiding mistakes that can be very easy to make.

1.  Picking a Location Without Research

As couples are watching the travel channel or perhaps surfing the web for unique, unusual or exotic places to travel, they may come across some little known but very beautiful destinations.

Unfortunately, what they don’t mention in these overviews of the location is what can cause a problem. Is there a wet or rainy season? Are there times of the year where excessive heat is an issue? Are there a wide range of places to go, things to do and top restaurants and entertainment to enjoy?

Do your research on various travel sites and make sure the site isn’t hosted by the country or city’s tourism bureau. Look for independent reviews by travelers and specifically by honeymooners before booking.

2.  Not Verifying Information with the Hotel

The images online may be breathtaking, and the descriptions of the accommodations, fine dining and the events to see and do in the area may paint a perfect picture for the honeymoon, but this may be a very misleading picture. What is being depicted and discussed may be one very costly accommodation option while the rest of the hotels may be significantly less exciting.

It is essential to understand what is meant by a “luxury suite” or a “breathtaking view from every room.” Another important phrase to watch for is “walking distance to the beach” or “nearby transportation.” Emailing or calling the hotel and getting confirmation in writing before booking is often the best way to ensure you clearly understand the accommodation.

3.  What Is Included In The Honeymoon Package?

Online travel sites may offer “all-inclusive” or “honeymoon packages” that have very vague and non-specific information. Often these types of bookings offer little more than a room upgrade and perhaps a free bottle of sparkling wine with the room.

Don’t book any honeymoon packages unless what you are getting is clearly detailed on the website and in the pre-booking information the hotel provides. Not having this information can make it extremely difficult to try to negotiate when you arrive and find things aren’t at all what was promised.

Let the experts at Bliss Honeymoon take all the guesswork out of planning and booking your dream honeymoon. We will ensure all the details are taken care off, allowing you to relax and look forward to an amazing honeymoon experience that will be everything you wanted and more.


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