4 Great Reasons To Choose Aruba For Your Honeymoon

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4 Great Reasons To Choose Aruba For Your Honeymoon

Stunning turquoise waters lap at a seashore that’s graced with powdery white sand. The weather is almost always perfect. The service is second-to-none. And there’s always something to see or do.

If that sounds like your idea of paradise, it’s time to give Aruba a closer look for your honeymoon. This Caribbean gem is the perfect destination for couples that want romance, adventure, beauty and exceptional service rolled into one.

So, why should you put Aruba on your must-explore list as your big day approaches? Here are four reasons this island is worth the trip:

  1. The beaches – Aruba is home to dozens of beaches, each one prettier than the next. From Palm Beach and its stunning high-rise hotels to Druif Beach’s pristine landscape, you’re going to have a favorite before you go home for sure. It almost doesn’t matter where you stay in Aruba, you’re going to be able to enjoy the splendor of the Caribbean courtesy of the generous shoreline.
  2. The things to do – If you want to get out and get active on your honeymoon, you will not run out of activities to explore. Biking, hiking, swimming, sailing and kite surfing are just a few of the possibilities. Plus you can go wreck and reef diving, snorkeling, take a jeep safari and much, much more. The things to do are practically endless when Aruba is your honeymoon spot. If something less adventurous sounds more to your liking, Aruba also offers world-class shopping possibilities, amazing restaurants, museums, galleries and more. You can even explore your wild side at the Bubali Bird Sanctuary or take a trip to the donkey sanctuary for a unique way to spend a day.
  3. The romantic possibilities – It is simply hard to top Aruba when it comes to the romantic possibilities. The stunning landscape here makes moonlit walks along the beach a must-do for honeymooners. Plus, there are many other breathtaking spots to explore.
  4. The service – Aruba is known the world over as one of the Caribbean’s best destinations for good reason. The hotels here range from small boutique resorts to high rises that offer a world of possibilities. No matter where you stay, however, you can anticipate exceptional service.

If a Caribbean getaway sounds just right for your honeymoon, Aruba is the place to explore. To find out more about booking a trip here, just consult our honeymoon travel experts.