Find Your Honeymoon or Wedding Destination: 4 Tips to Decrease Stress

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Find Your Honeymoon or Wedding Destination: 4 Tips to Decrease Stress

Finding your perfect honeymoon or wedding destination can be super time-consuming and frustrating. With everything else on your plate, finding an exotic and romantic location should be fun, but instead it can become overwhelming. But take a breath – here are some honeymoon destination tips to destress the process!

The Destination Search: How It Starts

I know how it starts… You think “oh I’ll just sit down in front of my computer for a bit and check out a few honeymoon places on line”. The next thing you know, you’re considering places you’re never heard of (and can’t pronounce), thrown your budget completely out the window, and after spending close to 40 hours reading Trip Advisor reviews and State Dept Warnings, you’ve decided that Iowa looks damn good right about now..

Destination Analysis Paralysis

You, my friend, are suffering from a condition commonly known as Destination Analysis Paralysis. We call it D.A.P. for short.

D.A.P. is a common condition that occurs among people who try to plan their own honeymoon or destination wedding. Sure, it looks easy. But when you realize there are a million different destinations, more flight schedules that don’t make sense than do, that you have no idea what “all inclusive” really includes, and that you’re not really sure where you can really afford to go. So you innocently enough ask for the advice of a friend or co-worker, only to find that everyone has an opinion about where you should or should not go. Sadly, if you don’t take action soon, you could very well find yourself spending your honeymoon in a heart shaped bathtub in the Poconos, compliments of someone’s great aunt Shirley.

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4 Great Honeymoon Destination Tips

So how do you get past D.A.P when trying to find the perfect honeymoon or wedding destination?

1. Prioritize

What are the three most important things about this trip? Is is the length of stay? The beach? The food? What are your deal breakers?

2. Just say no

Sometimes knowing what you don’t want is even more helpful as knowing what you do want. Ruling out things like child friendly resorts and flights longer than 8 hours can help you narrow things down quite a bit!

3. Stop thinking about it

Have you ever struggled to find the answer to a problem for what seems like forever, only to find the answer when you’re smack in the middle of taking a shower?  Sometimes stepping away from the planning process can be the best way to find the answer!

4. Talk to a travel agent

Not just any travel agent – a travel agent who will take the time to get to know you, what you like, what you don’t like and has visited some of the destination you’re interested in. (Admittedly, this last tip is rather biased!)

Fortunately, there’s a cure for D.A.P. Visit our service page. Come to our office. Take a deep breath. Raid our mini-bar. In less than an hour, our Certified Romance Travel Experts will help you uncover the perfect destinations and resorts, and you’ll find yourself cured of D.A.P. forever.


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