4 Ways To Create A Perfect Vow Renewal Trip

A vow renewal is a romantic and loving way for a couple to continue to commit to each other and their future together. Read our top 4 tips for planning a vow renewal trip.

4 Ways To Create A Perfect Vow Renewal Trip



A vow renewal is a romantic and loving way for a couple to continue to commit to each other and their future together.  Couples can choose to renew their vows at any time, with some of the most common anniversaries to complete the ceremony at the 5, 10, 15 and 25 year point in the relationship.

Planning the perfect vow renewal trip

It is also common for couples to renew their vows after a challenge in their life or a major change. Sometimes couples didn’t get to have the wedding they wanted when they were first married, so a vow renewal now is a great way to finally have their special day, just the way they have always wanted.

As most people renew their vows and bring in friends and family to celebrate with them, this is a perfect time to plan a destination “wedding” type event. By working with a destination wedding agent, it is possible to coordinate the vow renewal as well as travel for all guests, all through one experienced professional that will ensure everything goes according to your plans.

1.  Exotic location

Going someplace exotic and unique in the world is one very memorable way to celebrate a vow renewal. Exotic can mean different things to different people but going to Spain, Thailand, Iceland or Greece is a unique way to celebrate your relationship with friends and family in a part of the world that may be someplace new to everyone.

2.  Private island

Imagine having your guests attend your vow renewal on a private tropical island. Islands will have their own accommodation and staff, providing everything from individual luxury villas to resorts on the island that can accommodate up to 100 people.

3.  Foodie trip

If food is your passion, consider a foodie-friendly trip to renew your vows. These can be customized by the destination wedding agent to take in regional food specialties that are highlighted at luxury resorts in the area of your choice. These trips will also include amazing rooms, experiences and events to provide entertainment and activities for all of your guests.

4.  Resort destination

Spending time at a resort that has been custom selected to meet your specific needs is a great way to let someone else handle all the stress and details in planning your vow renewal trip. These customized trips can be a few days to much longer, allowing you to have some much-deserved couple time.

Let the experts at Bliss Honeymoons plan your vow renewal trip. This is a simple, cost-effective way to have a remarkable, memorable celebration where everything will be just perfect for your vow renewal day.


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