8 Great Reasons to Go to Mexico Now!

8 Great Reasons to Go to Mexico Now!

Eight Great Reasons to go to Mexico now!


Last week we had the honor of attending the Karisma Resorts GIVC Awards ceremony held at El Dorado Royale. Spending some time with our fellow agents at this fantastic resort was something that we had been looking forward to for some time. Karisma did not disappoint! The service, food, and amenities were all exceptional.

Mexico has been getting a bad rap lately. You can barely turn on the news without someone warning you about the dangers of Mexico. But just as Columbus has good parts, and not so good parts; Mexico offers the same.

Last month I traveled to another Caribbean location, and was sadden by what I saw. The bumpy road that took us on our 30 minute drive to the resort was riddled with litter and decay. Our
and El Dorado Royale was clean, modern, well paved, and clearly marked- a sharp contrast to the trip we had just taken two weeks earlier.

So if you’re hesitant about traveling to Mexico, here are some great reasons why you should put it back on your list of future travel destinations!

  1. The people of Mexico are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. While people in the Midwest avoid eye contact or greeting strangers in elevators, everyone we encountered offered a greeting or farewell.
  2. The resorts are stunning! Some of the most romantic all inclusive resorts in the world are in Mexico.
  3. The food. I left the resort in the Dominican Republic last month a couple of pounds lighter, as I had such a hard time finding vegetarian friendly dishes to enjoy. I more than made of for it during my trip to the Riviera Maya.
  4. The flights to Mexico are easy, and relatively short as compared to some other destinations. We left CMH at 7:00 a.m. and were enjoying lunch at the resort by 1:00.
  5. The beaches are fantastic. While it’s true at some resorts there are sandbags to protect the reef, that’s no reason to not enjoy the beach while you’re there. Our beach at Azul Sensatori was fantastic.
  6. The Spa treatments at Azul Sensatori were fantastic. There were no pretentious hairdressers within miles of our spa. It was a wonderful relaxing experience. And having toured many hotel spas in Mexico, I can safely say there are a lot of fantastic spas to choose from.
  7. Expand your mind. Traveling to any foreign destination will bring you to a better understanding about other people and culture. We took advantage of a Spanish class, yoga class, and tequila tasting class while were there. And none of these activities came at an additional charge.
  8. I had to scrape my windows this morning-which is just no way to start your day! It was hot and beautiful in Mexico; a great change from the snow and ice here.

In short, there’s just no reason not to go to Mexico! You’ll have a fantastic time!