Aaron & Rachel-El Dorado Royale

Aaron & Rachel-El Dorado Royale



Our honeymoon was “excelente,” as they say at El Dorado Royale!  Let us start from the beginning of the trip and share some details…

Our flight schedule worked out perfectly.  We had no trouble making our flights on time, and we didn’t have any long layovers.  We had no problem communicating with our Lomas travel agents once we arrived in Cancun, and they were careful to make sure we got to the right place.  Even though there were several other couples traveling to their own resorts, we were always treated as special and with courteous attention.  It was painless to get to our resort.

When we arrived at El Dorado Royale, we were greeted with friendly staff who took us via golf cart to the reception office, where we checked in and started the week right with champagne and hot towels.  The receptionists were very professional and eager to make us feel welcome.  Next we found our suite and had great fun exploring all the features – outdoor shower, hot tub, balcony pool, and outdoor breakfast table were the highlights.  We were pleased to find that our suite felt private, even when we were outside on the balcony.  There seemed to be some confusion about whether or not we were actually honeymooners, because our Honeymoon Package champagne, rose petals, and breakfast in bed did not arrive until a couple days later when we asked our concierge about it.  On the other hand, it was nice to have the romantic touches spread throughout the week.  We immediately ordered room service upon our arrival (as we did several more times for breakfast and once for 3 AM cheeseburgers), and were pleased by the quick arrival and quality of food.  We enjoyed ALL of our food that week.  There was no shortage of restaurants to visit or dishes to sample.  It would have taken us 6 months to try every meal in the resort!  Our servers were always professional and friendly, treating us like a king and queen.  We were continually impressed by the cleanliness of the resort, both in and out of our suite.

A few highlights of the week – we enjoyed visiting the pool and swim up bar right outside our suite.  It was easy to make friends and talk with other honeymooners if we wanted, and also easy to find a quiet place to be together just the two of us.  The beach was gorgeous: white sand, clear turquoise water, and safe places to wade or swim.  We even met a couple who snorkeled right on the resort beach because the reefs had plenty of fish and vegetation.  We went on a snorkeling excursion ourselves along the long reef that the area is so famous for; what an adventure!  We made special memories swimming in the ocean and seeing the amazing world below, all while holding hands and pointing out the colorful fish to each other.  We went on one more excursion to Atkun Chen, a national park in the area.  There we zip lined, explored the natural caves, and snorkeled in one of the caves that was filled with crystal clear water.  Our guides were knowledgeable and made the day safe and fun.  Back at the resort, our two big highlights were the couple’s massage and the romantic candlelight dinner on the beach.  The masseuses were extremely professional and made us comfortable though we had never had a professional massage before.  We went to the spa prior to our massages, and relaxed in the hot tub, cold tub, and what we called the “Giant’s Bathtub,” a big indoor pool with large fixtures to shoot water jets at your back muscles.  Our candlelight dinner was more than we ever expected.  Our server helped us upgrade to a surf ‘n’ turf instead of just the steak dinner we were signed up for.  The setting was unbelievable – individual tables sanctioned off by wrapping the lower part of each table’s shelter with white tulle.  Ocean waves rushing in and out of the beach in the background, stars above, and live saxophone music made it an unforgettable evening.

By our seventh day, we had met our adventure quota and took a lazy day in our suite.  We finished the week with an exquisite Italian dinner and prepared to leave the next day.  We had no trouble checking out or getting back to the airport.  Again, the staff was friendly and professional without exception.  When we first saw our travel itinerary from you, we were bummed about the three hour layover in the Dallas Fort Worth airport – we wanted to get home ASAP.  But when we actually got to the airport on our return trip, we found that three hours was none too long to get through security and customs.  Thanks, Veronica, for making sure we had enough time to catch our flight!  We got back to our apartment full of memories and thoroughly in love.  “Bliss” is the perfect word to describe our honeymoon.


We can’t thank you enough for making this very special trip run so smoothly.  It turned out better than we imagined, and was the perfect way to spend our first week as a married couple.  Attached are some pictures that will give you a better idea of what our trip looked like.  We couldn’t fit them all in one email, so look for a couple more messages with photos.  Thanks and more thanks!  You’re the best!



Aaron & Rachel