Add Some Flavor To Your Anniversary Getaway

Add Some Flavor To Your Anniversary Getaway

Let’s face it; anniversary trips aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. While she might have a romantic adventure in mind, he’s probably thinking of a place that offers a whole new experience.

So, why not compromise just a little and combine the two? Yes, it’s possible to enjoy romance and a whole new experience at the same time. Consider a culinary getaway and you can have your cake and eat it, too – literally!

Culinary adventures are perfect for anniversary trips for a number of reasons. Perhaps one of the most appealing advantages of this type of “hands-on” vacation is the fact they can be found in just about any major tourist destination in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you want to tour a particular region in the United States or go to an exotic locale in Europe or beyond, there is likely to be a culinary getaway you can take advantage of.

So, what happens on a culinary getaway?

Most culinary getaways are scheduled to coincide with local culinary school or restaurant cooking classes. Travel agents that specialize in this type of travel help their clients select their destinations, schedule their classes, book their accommodations and schedule their transportation. Some even provide all-inclusive or nearly all-inclusive packages.

During a culinary getaway, couples can enjoy a number of activities that go beyond cooking classes, too. Depending on the locale selected, some days might be left free for touring the sites while evenings are open for romance. The classes are typically designed to teach novices and even beginners how to create select regional or national dishes. In some cases, couples can even enjoy private classes with top regional chefs.

While culinary getaways aren’t for everyone, they offer an exciting alternative to a quick weekend away to celebrate an anniversary. Imagine touring the Italian countryside while learning how to craft dishes that have made the country‘s cuisine so popular. Or picture yourself staying in a quaint New England resort while discovering the steps necessary to pull off a seafood feast fit for royalty. That’s possible when a culinary getaway is the vacation on tap.

If you love the idea of combining romance with a unique experience, consider booking a culinary getaway for your anniversary trip. Talk with our travel agents that specialize in anniversary packages to find out just how many destinations around the world offer this kind of adventure.