All Inclusive Wedding Packages

All Inclusive Wedding Packages

All Inclusive Wedding Packages: What’s included, What’s not.


Destination weddings hold incredible allure among newly engaged couples. The thought of spending your special day in an incredible destination with your friends and family sounds like a dream come true! If you’ve been researching destination weddings, chances are you’ve seen a lot of ads for free weddings. But are the free weddings really free? Let’s dive in.

Free wedding packages:

Most all-inclusive resorts offer a complimentary wedding package. However, there are usually criteria to meet before getting the free wedding package. The wedding couple may need to stay in an upgraded room category for at least seven nights. Additionally, the couple may have to book between five to ten additional rooms for three to five nights, with their guests. It’s worth noting that free wedding packages are basic and do not cover marriage license fees if you plan to get legally married at the destination. Marriage license fees typically cost between $250.00 to $500.00, depending on the location. And, the free wedding typically only refers to the ceremony, not the reception. 


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Most resorts will offer venues for a private wedding reception. We frequently have wedding couples ask if they can just make a restaurant reservation for dinner following their ceremony. However, most hotels don’t have tables for parties larger than 6. So in order for everyone to be together, you’ll need to host a private reception. Reception costs will vary based on the menu, entertainment, and other factors. But, the average cost of a destination wedding with 50 or so guests is around $15,000.00. So it’s still far more affordable than a wedding at home. 


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One of the best things about getting married at an all-inclusive resort is that all the vendors you need for your wedding are already there. You can bring your photographer, hairdresser, or DJ to the destination wedding, but you may have to pay a vendor fee, ranging from $300.00 to $1000.00, depending on the resort and vendor. It’s also important to note that hiring local vendors helps support the local economy. And these vendors have been screened by the hotel. 


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Guests who want to stay elsewhere:

If you’re inviting guests who prefer to stay off-site, most resorts sell day passes for about $100.00 per person. However, the passes are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be purchased in advance. The hours for which the passes are valid are usually limited to 4 to 6 hours. Some hotels won’t offer day passes if the hotel is at capacity. So the only way to guarantee they will be able to attend your wedding is to stay at the hotel. 


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Do I need a travel agent or a wedding coordinator?

It’s essential to have a travel agent manage travel for you and your guests to save time and avoid frustration. While the resort’s wedding coordinator can guide you through the ceremony and reception, you don’t necessarily need to hire a local wedding planner. An experienced travel consultant can help with your resort section, room contracts and more, saving you countless hours of work! 

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