Amazing Amalfi Coast Culinary Adventure

Amazing Amalfi Coast Culinary Adventure


Foodies with a passion for travel and a desire to spend their anniversaries together taking in one of the world’s most romantic destinations are likely to find the prospect of an Amalfi Coast cooking adventure too delicious to resist. A trip to this region of Italy will deliver not only incredible sights and activities, but also gourmet flavors that are sure to please even the most discriminating foodie.

The Amalfi Coast is located on the southern tip of Salerno’s Sorrentine Peninsula. This region is home to stunning waters, beautiful mountains, a near perfect Mediterranean climate, rich history and some of the best foods the world over. Couples who depart on a cooking adventure will not only get to sample the flavors of the region, they’ll learn the skills required to replicate the flavors at home.



So, what can couples expect from a cooking adventure? Here are just a few of the reasons why foodies are flocking to the Amalfi Coast to celebrate their anniversaries:

  • Amazing accommodations – While this can vary based on the adventure provider, some of the best ensure accommodations that are as memorable as the region itself. One, for example, places students in a fully renovated farmhouse that includes five-star rooms and service. The serene location enables visitors to take in the landscapes that make the coast so stunning while the rural location ensures a vacation that is private, romantic and relaxing.
  • Outstanding foods – Some of the best adventures include chef-prepared meals that draw on the flavors of the region. From breakfasts and lunches to full gourmet dinners, couples can anticipate incredible taste sensations await them.
  • The classes – While simply dining on foods from the Amalfi Coast region is a treat in and of itself, learning the skills necessary to replicate dishes at home is a memory that lasts. Some of the lessons included with excellent tours include pasta making, pastry making and full immersion cooking classes that teach students how to create incredible meals from the appetizers right down to the desserts.
  • The sites – Couples who embark on cooking adventures will find that the amazing sites of the coast are part of the experience. Guests to this region can take in such destinations as the ruins of Pompeii, the infamous Vesuvius and the island of Capri, among other tour destinations.

Couples hoping to spice up their next anniversary might want to consider the Amalfi Coast as their travel destination. Cooking adventures to this region deliver a flavorful experience and memories designed to last. To learn more, be sure to consult with your anniversary travel advisor.