Amazing Amenities You’ll Love!

Amazing Amenities You’ll Love!

Here at Bliss Honeymoons we know that it’s the little details that really make your trip memorable. So we’ve uncovered some amazing amenities that are sure to make a lasting impression.


Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Guppy Love provides guests at most Kimpton hotels with the option to request a live goldfish to stay overnight in their guest room. Guests never have to worry about caring for their fishyfriends with hotel staff on-hand for daily feedings and care, allowing travelers the opportunity to enjoy stress-free bonding throughout their stay.

Mirage Hotel, Tattoo bar

Now you can wear your vacations memories forever by making a stop at the Tattoo Bar at the Mirage hotel. Great for those wanting to permanently commemorate their big win or Vegas wedding, the Tattoo bar offers expert tattoo service and a fun experience for those that just like to watch.

Technology butler, Ritz Carlton

There’s nothing more aggravating than arriving at your destination only to discover that you’ve forgotten your cell phone charger, or that your trusty laptop refuses to connect to the internet. Part geek, part super hero, the Technology butlers at Ritz Carlton will ease your techno-stress, track down parts; fix broken connections and more, getting you back to the beach in record time!

Arrive in style. Bond style.

At the Six Senses resort in Zighy Bay, they could transfer you from the airport to the resort by car. Or limo. But instead, they have you paraglide into the resort from a 962 foot ledge from Zighy Mountain. Nothing says “ I have arrived” like paragliding into your resort!


Have you experienced a unique travel amenity that really made an impression? Post away!