Antigua Adventures Make for a Sweet Foodiemoon

Antigua Adventures Make for a Sweet Foodiemoon

When breathtaking scenery, romantic backdrops, world-class accommodations and outrageously good food are all musts for a foodiemoon getaway, Antigua will not disappoint. This Caribbean destination in the West Indies is famed for its incredible attractions and mouthwatering culinary delights. It’s one of the Caribbean’s best foodie honeymons.

Antigua has its own distinct island culture that has been heavily influenced by Europeans through the years. Christopher Columbus, in fact, is credited with naming the island back in 1493 after the “Virgin of the Old Cathedral.” Aside from Spain’s influences, Antigua has also been deeply impacted by the British. The British influences are readily evidenced in the names of such destinations as Jolly Harbour and English Harbour.

With its stunning turquoise waters, white sand beaches and distinct rocky outcroppings, Antigua goes easy on travelers’ eyes. Aside from the beaches, Antigua’s must-see destinations include Stingray City, Nelson’s Dockyard, the Pillars of Hercules and Hell’s Gate. For foodies, the flavors of this tropical paradise are sure to please. While jerk meats, courtesy of Jamaica, are quite popular, dishes such as fungie, ducana, saltfish, sugarcakes and tamarind stew are popular. Visitors will find a variety of vegetables, rice and seafood used in the local cuisine, along with plenty of pork, chicken and lamb.


Foodiemooners hoping to set sail for Antigua will find a number of reasons to do so. Here are a few of our recommendations on where to stay and what to nosh on:

  • Resort – Antigua is home to many resorts, but Jumby Bay is our favorite. This “private island paradise” delivers one of the most tranquil settings in the world. The all-inclusive destination serves up gourmet meals daily and offers an unlimited open bar, as well. With in-room dining available and plenty of on-site activities guests here are treated like royalty.
  • Foodie favorites – Aside from the fine dining offered at Jumby Bay, foodies recommend such dining destinations as Sheer Rocks in Saint Mary’s, The Hideout in Mamora Bay, Roti King in St. John’s and Boom in English Harbour.
  • Local foodie favorites – Locals here have their own favorites. According to the Caribbean Journal, Papa Zouk is one of the best. While this eatery doesn’t have an extensive menu, it boasts excellent fish and free-flowing rum, making it a local favorite. La Bistro is also a popular stop.
  • Food festivals – Antigua plays host to a number of festivals throughout the year. For visitors who want to experience local flavors, August’s Mango and Pineapple Festival is sure to please.

Antigua spices up a foodiemoon with some incredible local flavors. To find out more about this destination, consult with our Foodiemoon Experts.