Astra Suites Honeymoon Review

23 Sep Astra Suites Honeymoon Review

Name of hotel, resort, or cruise ship
  Astra santorini
One a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your trip
What was your favorite thing about the trip?
  I loved the hotel and the excursions that Laura helped plan for us. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I especially want to thanks George K who owns Astra and also George who works at the reception desk at Astra for all their help. Astra made everything very easy and gave us an excellent orientation to the island. They included maps with locations of good restaurants and must see sights. They also warned us of the common things that people did wrong so we did not make the same mistakes.
I appeciated the fact that Astra includes a airport to hotel transfer. I also enjoyed the daily customized breakfast. The Astra hotel restaurant was a great place to have dinner and watch the sunset. We did that on our first night and both the food and the view were fantastic. The waiter was very friendly and offered us many excellent suggestions on the food and wine.
The honeymoon package was excellent. We had a bottle of wine and fruit waiting for us our first night and a bottle of champagne for the next night. We also were able to use the relaxation suite and spa for one of the afternoons.
The wine tour was great and we had the oppurtunity to not only visit 3 wineries and taste 17 wines but we also were given a tour of the island at the same time. We enjoyed the wine so much we bought 6 bottles. The best part was that the wine tour did not start till the late afternoon so we spent the morning exploring santorini and taking in the sights.
The sailing tour was also awesome. Captain Ted and his staff were very professional and friendly and my favorite part was the bbq on the private beach and then watching from the boat as the sun set into the ocean.
Astra Hotel was very helpful we all of our requests and we did not have any trouble planning trips to Fira, Oia, and the black sand beaches. I especially liked that Astra had a currency exchange service at the hotel that offered a better rate than the airport or banks. I would recommend mentioning that to your future clients so they can just exchange currency at the hotel instead of wasting time at airport or banks.
We rented the Quad(ATV) for a couple days to travel around the island and we found that to be very easy. The roads are relatively easy to navigate during the daytime and we did not feel like we needed a car.
Were there any service issues we should be aware of?
  I only have one suggestion, the pool attached to our hotel room was cold. I think it was due to the time of the year(end of summer in Santorini). It did not really matter since we did not really use the pool much anyways(we went to beaches). I would recommend in the future to consider booking the hotel room with jacuzzi for couples who plan their trips for end of the summer season.
Everything else including the hotel, the people, and the vacation was perfect
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  Laura was fantastic. She spent time talking to me and listening to my suggestions and input and then created the perfect honeymoon experience. She provided us with many helpful hints about out travel and what to do in Santorini. She was easy to get in contact with and was very prompt with her responses to my questions. I cannot imaging how much harder planning our honeymoon would have been without Laura and Bliss. I will definitely be using Bliss for all of our future romantic couples vacations.

P.S. The survey would not let me do this but I would rank Laura a 10++++++

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  Raghuveer Muppavarapu
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