The Bahamas Makes Tempting Foodiemoon Destination


The Bahamas Makes Tempting Foodiemoon Destination

The Bahamas Makes Tempting Foodiemoon Destination

When only a destination that’s tropical and warm will do for a romantic foodiemoon getaway, the Bahamas will not fail to please. This Atlantic Ocean destination is famed for its stunning landscapes, warm waters and out-of-this-world cuisine.

The Bahamas is an island country located north of Cuba and to the southeast of Florida. With longstanding European ties, the country today is independent but still recognizes the British monarchy as its own. Visitors here will find they are treated like royalty as tourism is one of the country’s biggest industries. Courtesy of its location in the subtropics, visitors will find year-round temperatures that range from mildly cool to toasty warm. The beaches here are among the biggest draws as are such destinations as Exuma Cay’s Land and Sea National Park, Green Turtle Cay and Bimini.

Foodiemooners who set a course for the Bahamas will find the flavors of this region also make the trip very worthwhile. Staples here include seafood favorites, such as lobster, crab and conch, rum-based adult beverages and dishes flavored with chilies, lime and cilantro, among others. If the Bahamas is on the agenda, we make these recommendations:

  • ResortThe Bahamas is home to some amazing world-class resorts, but the Pink Sands is among our favorites. This destination offers stunningly romantic waterfront rooms, private cottages and on-site dining that is to die for. The resort boasts an exercise studio, tennis courts, a freshwater swimming pool, a gift shop and more. On-site dining features local artisan products, traditional Bahamian cuisine and international flavors.
  • Foodie favorites – Foodies have a number of favorites in the Bahamas, including Tasty Teas in Nassau, Flying Fish in Freeport and Sip Sip in Harbour Island. Visitors are also likely to find a few favorites of their own as restaurants are found in abundance across the island.
  • Local foodie favorites Locals also have their share of favorite places to dine. Some of the top choices include Santanna’s Bar and Grill in Great Exuma, Crabs and Ting in Nassau and the Rock House in Harbour Island.
  • Festivals Not surprisingly, the Bahamas plays host to a wide variety of festivals throughout the year that offer foodies treats that tempt. The Pineapple Festival, however, is “the” event to check out. Staged in early June, this festival celebrates the pineapple harvest with foods and beverages crafted from this fruit. The festival is staged in Gregory Town.

Foodiemooners looking for a tasty getaway may want to set their sights on the Bahamas. To find out more, be sure to consult with your foodiemoon travel advisor.