How to organize the perfect Island Wedding


Bliss Honeymoons plans the perfect trip with YOU in mind.


Unlike the typical, cookie-cutter approach of most travel agents or the impersonal nature of on-line travel sites, we believe that your honeymoon is the most important trip you’ll ever take. We also recognize that this trip represents a significant financial investment for the two of you, so we have created a unique planning process to uncover the exact type of trip that would be most meaningful for you. It works like this:

The results? You get a personal, customized package with everything you need at a fantastic price, without the hassle of planning it yourself!

You may be wondering how that’s possible. It’s simple. We work for you to create an amazing package to launch your new life as a couple. Because we are a fully licensed travel agency, we get paid by the hotels. This means you get all the benefits of working with an experienced travel consultant at no extra cost to you.

 You could spend as many as 40 hours doing research on your own, and still not be sure of what your getting. 

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