Bliss Honeymoons Is Changing The Way Foodie Couples Plan Their Honeymoons

Bliss Honeymoons Is Changing The Way Foodie Couples Plan Their Honeymoons

Bliss Honeymoons’ new Foodiemoons Collection is the perfect solution for foodies & wine lovers who thought they could never enjoy an all-inclusive resort.

“Many well-traveled couples miss out on the amenities and convenience of an all-inclusive resort out of fear that the dining experiences will be reminiscent of their college dining hall.” said Foodiemoons creator Laura Frazier. “We’ve selected all-inclusive resorts that really understand what it means to be a foodie, and offer a culinary experience that will impress even the most particular connoisseur”

“Honeymooners who are vegan, gluten intolerant, or have food allergies also tend to shy away from all-inclusive resorts. The resorts included in our Foodiemoons Collection understand the needs of those with special diets and can create amazing dishes no matter what the challenge is”

“Our Foodiemoon couples tend to be creative and really enjoy learning new things.” said Frazier, “Many of the resorts we work with offer cooking classes with award winning chefs, wine education courses and more. Our Foodiemooners will often learn great new recipes or new cooking techniques they can replicate once they return home”

Bliss Honeymoons is offering Foodiemoons at all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico. To learn more, contact the honeymoon experts at Bliss Honeymoons today.


Download a free copy of our free Foodiemoons guide. Just click here!
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