Boutique Hotels Make A Bahamas Honeymoon More Blissful

villa at kamalame cay bahamas

Boutique Hotels Make A Bahamas Honeymoon More Blissful

Giant, high-end hotels with lots of hustle and bustle are fine for some trips, but they don’t necessarily jive with romantic, intimate honeymoon getaways. If you’re heading to the Bahamas to celebrate your union, there are some incredible boutique hotels that are likely to fit your mood a whole lot better.

Just because a hotel is smaller, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your attention either. Smaller, boutique hotels tend to cater to those who want privacy and impeccable service rolled into one. While they might only have a handful of rooms, the best boutique hotels make sure their staff members are trained to deliver only the best in service.

Since you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon adventure, privacy and service likely matter a great deal. If so, here are some smaller hotels in the Bahamas that are well worth the stay:


Pink Sands

Located on Harbour Island, this getaway destination features 18 private acres surrounded by, of course, pink sand. Guests here have their pick of one of 25 secluded, private cottages that are loaded with modern amenities. The resort has its own onsite dining, a swimming pool, laundry service and more. It’s the perfect destination for honeymooning couples who want the best in service with a lot of privacy mixed in. 

bedroom at kamalame cay bahamas

kamalame Cay

Found in Andros, this 96-acre, private resort offers guests the very best in everything. The resort is only accessible by a private ferry and features lots of beach front property, tennis, a swimming pool and onsite dining. There’s even a tiki bar for those who want to enjoy drinks as the sun sets over the beach.

Rock House

This small resort was originally built in the 1940s and has been a hit with travelers ever since. It features nine rooms in total, so privacy shouldn’t be a concern. Although it’s small, the Rock House is huge when it comes to amenities. The hotel features its own private beach, a swimming pool, onsite restaurant and much more. Guests here can even enjoy wireless Internet access and a full gym.


When it’s time to honeymoon, it’s nice to enjoy a little privacy. While large resorts are always a great choice, sometimes the smaller boutique destinations just fit the mood a whole lot better. After all, what could be more romantic than relaxing on a secluded beach in the Bahamas without a big crowd to get in the way?

To find out more about honeymoon getaways at private boutique hotels in the Bahamas and elsewhere, just contact our honeymoon travel specialists.