Cally Conyers

Cally Conyers –  Honeymoon Travel Specialist Europe & Asia

Location: St. Louis, MO


Certifications: St. Lucia Travel Specialist, Jamaica Travel Specialist, Italy Focus Certification, Luxury Europe Certification, All-Inclusive Travel Certification, Antigua & Barbuda Certification


International Destinations: St. Lucia, Greece, Italy, Mexico




“We got to visit Venice and Rome. Both places were amazing, I loved each one for different reasons. Our agent Cally did the most phenomenal job being in contact with us to make sure everything ran smoothly. There was not a single thing we didn’t like about what she put together for our trip!


U.S. Destinations: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, New Orleans, Nashville, Panama City, San Antonio, Pittsburgh, Memphis


Favorite Honeymoon Destination: St. Lucia is absolutely stunning. The water is crystal clear and great for snorkeling or scuba diving. Between the beaches, mountains, volcanoes, and rain forests, there is something for everyone to enjoy!


The most interesting or unique trip I’ve worked on: It was probably my own trip to Europe. I traveled to Athens, Greece and was able to visit the gorgeous Greek Island of Santorini. I visited over a dozen cities in Italy including Rome, Sienna, Florence, and Venice. Both countries have so much history and beauty. From the mountains and cliffs in Greece to the fields and beautiful sunsets in Italy, it was the perfect trip!


Best Travel Tip: Ask the locals where to eat. Some of the best food I have ever tasted came from hole-in-the-wall, locally owned places that I could have never found on Google.


If I had $10,000 to travel anywhere in the world:  This is tough, but if I had to pick one destination, it would probably be Egypt! I have been fascinated with everything about this ancient country since I was a little girl!


Bliss-ism:  Be safe and trust your instincts, but also get lost! Wander around, take that side street, and try new things! Do more than just visit a new place; actually experience the culture of the city you are staying in. Don’t just travel- have an adventure!