Can you have a kids-free vow renewal ceremony?

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Can you have a kids-free vow renewal ceremony?

Renewing your vows in an exotic location is a great way to celebrate a milestone while creating new memories to cherish for a lifetime. Trying to plan a destination ceremony can be tough – especially when it comes to vow renewal etiquette. If you and your honey have decided you want to leave the kids behind and have your guests do the same, you could be entering tricky waters to navigate. Don’t sweat it too much; there are ways to go kid free, guilt free for your vow renewal ceremony. When making decisions for your upcoming redo of your I do’s remember it is your big day. That means that while it’s not appropriate to anticipate guests will shower you with gifts as they did the first time around, it’s more than acceptable to set the ground rules for your own celebration. That includes whether kids make the cut on the guest list or not. Here are a few tips that can help you make sure your guests understand that the celebration is strictly adults only:

• Leave your own kids at home – While you do get to set the ground rules for your celebration, you will hurt feelings if you tell guests that kids aren’t welcome and then you turn around and bring your own. Make arrangements upfront for your own children to set the stage when requesting the same of others.

Make it clear on the invitations – Vow renewal ceremony invitations don’t have to be as formal as standard wedding invitations, but they should be pretty clear about intentions. If the bash is meant to be adults only, say so in black and white, or blue and silver, brown and gold or whatever colors you happen to choose

. • Select an adults only resort – This is a great way to send the message loud and clear. There are some amazing adults only resorts that specialize in vow renewal ceremonies. From the beauty of Mexico to the splendor of the Caribbean and beyond, you can go adults only and skip the hurt feelings entirely by choosing the right resort for your big day.


Ready to start planning your adults only vow renewal ceremony? Be sure to check with our vow renewal experts for additional tips on where to go, details that must be attended to and even for advice on vow renewal etiquette.


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