Carrie & Christian Destination Wedding Jamaica 2012

31 Dec Carrie & Christian Destination Wedding Jamaica 2012

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Secrets Wild Orchid
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What was your favorite thing about the trip?
My favorite thing was Laura and how amazing she was. Even when I was calling her the day before we were suppose to leave with the real possiblity that we wouldn’t be able to go. Her calmness and professionalism was amazing when I was falling apart about not being able to go. My favorite thing about the resort was having all the family together for a wedding. Everyone enjoyed themselves imensely and seemed to take advantage of all the resort had to offer. I know the parents kept saying it was a once in a lifetime trip and that they had a most amazing time. While the preferred club rooms are the same as the non preferred club and the snacks are absolutely nothing to write home about, it was worth it to me due to the fact it was a great deal quieter and less crowded on the preferred side. Thanks Laura for pointing me to it.
Were there any service issues we should be aware of?
The only complaint was the return shuttle driver was demanding of a tip. Of course he should get a tip, but to be so ingracious to come over the speaker and demand it was not good. Nor did he assist with the luggage once at the airport. I do know that this was unique to this particular driver as all other experiences with JTL were significantly better by everyone in my part.
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Laura was simply fabulous. Amazingly patient when I couldn’t make a decision and was being fussy about little stuff while picking the resort. She was great with the worry wart of my party, also known as my mother, and let me know when a last minute switcharoo was attempted by my sister-in-law that would have cost me over a thousand dollars. She was calm, professional and reassuring when I thought the trip was going to implode and not happen the day before we were set to leave. I would not only recommend her services to someone else, I have full intentions of booking more trips through her and will suggest her to anyone who is in need of travel agent services.
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