Celebrate Your Anniversary In Fiji

Celebrate Your Anniversary In Fiji

Finding the perfect escape for an anniversary celebration isn’t always easy. After all, it can be a challenge to discover a destination that combines romance and wonder with lots of things to do. This isn’t the case for couples who choose Fiji for their own getaways.

So why would you want to pack up and travel to the South Pacific to celebrate a special anniversary? Fiji has everything you need and more to create a vacation that’s so memorable it just might top your honeymoon! Here’s why:

  • The diversity of sights – Unlike other “island” destinations, Fiji is actually a group of islands. With about 109 inhabited islands in the chain of more than 300 islands, there’s plenty of see and do here. On Viti Levu, for example, you can explore Mount Tomanivi. Travel to Vanau Levu and you can enjoy the sights, sounds and flavors of Savusavu. Travel between the islands and their points of interest is possible in a number of ways, too. Many couples enjoy taking ferry rides to see what Fiji has to offer.
  • The landscape – When you think tropical paradise, Fiji just might be the first image that comes to mind. This island group is famed for its rolling hills and stunning mountains that grace interior lands. The coastlines feature miles and miles of beaches, plus there are breathtaking tropical rain forests to explore. To make it even more enticing, Fiji enjoys warm weather pretty much year round. Rainfall isn’t an uncommon sight, but overall the climate is comfortable year round.
  • The things to do – Travel to Fiji and the wonders to explore will seem endless. Beyond exploring the native culture and cuisine, visitors here can relax on white, sandy beaches, soak up the sun while hiking in the forest, go diving in tropical waters and much more. Nadi, for example, is a major destination for shopping and it’s also home to a Swammi temple. Visit Suva and you can check out the Fiji Museum.  If high adventure is more to your liking, Fiji won’t disappoint. Zip lining, surfing, rafting and more all add an edge to an anniversary celebration.
  • The places to stay – Fiji is home to a number of world class resorts and high-end boutique destinations. If you prefer, you can even stay in resorts that offer private bungalows for the ultimate in romantic experiences. No matter where you stay, you can count on incredible treatment.

If you’re looking for an anniversary destination that’s different and dazzling, Fiji just might be the place. To find out more, consult with our anniversary travel experts.