Destination Wedding FAQ

Why Should We Hire Bliss Honeymoons To Plan Our Destination Wedding?

We understand how frustrating it can be to have a vision for your destination wedding, but not have any idea where to start. Selecting the right hotel, communicating with a wedding coordinator in another country, and trying to negotiate rates can be extremely stressful.


At Bliss Honeymoons we know how overwhelming it can be to try to find a resort that everyone will enjoy and coordinate travel for a large group of people coming from different cities.  We help you select the perfect location, eliminate the confusion about group contracts, negotiate the rates, streamline the communication, and offer a booking process that makes it easy for your guests. So you’ll have an amazing destination wedding that your guests will be raving about for years to come without the stress of having to plan it yourself.

When is the best time to start planning my destination wedding?

A lot of this depends upon you! If you make decisions easily, then a year before your ideal date is enough time. If you are someone who is overwhelmed by the process, then about 18 months is ideal. We often hear from brides that they want to give their guests more than a year to save up and book. But most guests will book their travel about 9 to 10 months in advance. So in short- a year is typically enough time

How do we select the right resort and destination?

We utilize four and five-star hotels that offer excellent service, a lot of great dining options, and are a reflection of your style and taste. We tend to favor smaller, more intimate hotels rather than mega-resorts.  We understand that for many of your guests, this may be their first adventure outside the country. So we use resorts that are safe, centrally located, and offer onsite activities and entertainment. You can view some of our current weddings here. However, our current weddings are not the only resorts and destinations we offer. 

What is the Bliss Honeymoons planning process?

Our business has always been based on relationships. So first we take the time to get to know you and understand what your vision is for your destination wedding. Based on this information, we get to work on creating options that will fit with both your budget and your wish list. Once we’ve determined which hotel is the best fit for your event, we’ll facilitate the group contract, help you get started with the resort’s wedding coordinator, and more. You’ll find everything about your destination wedding all in one place in our client portal.

What's included in the Bliss Honeymoon Destination Wedding Package?

Our goal is to provide everything you need for a seamless destination wedding. We offer a complete, done-for-you package that not only includes the travel arrangments, but also includes a wedding site, all the communication pieces that go out to your guests, a timeline, checklists, travel documents, and more. Unlike other agencies who will only block your rooms, our travel packages are complete, with airfare, hotel, transfers, and trip insurance. And you’ll never have to chase down your guests to make their payments. We handle it all for you. Learn more here!

What if we have already booked our wedding date at a hotel?

That’s ok! We can still negotiate the group contract, build your wedding site, help your guests through the booking process, and more!

What if we want to visit the hotel before we commit?

We think this is a great idea! We’re happy to help arrange a visit to the hotels you’re interested in. You can meet the wedding coordinators, view the wedding locations, and more. We even offer preview trips to different locations throughout the year. You can read more about it here

How can I make my destination wedding affordable for my guests?

Chose an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, or the Dominican Republic. Avoid any major holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can learn more here.

Who pays for our guests' travel?

Usually, the guests pay for their own travel. You can learn more about destination wedding etiquette here.

What's included in a free wedding package?

A free wedding package is typically ceremony only! This does not include the reception, photography, or legal fees should you chose to get legally married in the destination.

How much does a destination wedding cost?

The cost of the ceremony & reception will be largely influenced by two things-the number of people on your guest list, and the menu you select for your reception. Most hotels offer reception menu options than can range anywhere from $15.00 per person, to $50.00 per person. We can schedule a call with the hotel’s wedding coordinator to go over the costs with you before you commit to a hotel.

When do we start planning the ceremony & reception?

Most hotels offer a variety of wedding packages. Trying to weed through them all can be a little overwhelming. So we recommend that you try to tackle one part of your wedding per month. Start with flowers, then the reception menu, then work on entertainment, etc.

Can we bring our own florist, photographer, etc?

You can, but most hotels charge an outside vendor fee of anywhere to $300.00 to $1000.00. Some hotels will waive the fee based on the number of rooms booked. We can help you sort this out on a case by case basis.

What's included in a destination wedding package?

The resorts we work with provide everything you need for a beautiful destination wedding. So the ceremony, reception, decor, photography, entertainment, and more are all included. You just have to show up!

Can we get legally married in another country?

While you can get legally married in the destination, most of our couples chose to get legally married at home, and have a symbolic ceremony in the destination. You can read more about legal vs. symbolic ceremonies here.

How much can I personalize our ceremony & reception?

Most hotels offer a variety of decor packages to choose from. We always ask you to share your Pinterest boards with us, as this will help us find hotels that offer decor that fits with your taste.

What should we expect in terms of free rooms, upgrades, and discounts?

This varies greatly by hotel. While some hotels offer a significant discount upfront other hotels will guarantee the space but offer no discount. We’ve been seeing this trend more and more the last couple of years with some of the luxury hotels, particularly over holidays and high season. If group discounts are offered, the average discount is somewhere between $35.00 and $85.00 per person. Most hotels offer a discount on the ceremony and reception package based on the number of guests who booked under the group contract. So if you’re considering having a destination wedding, and just letting your guests book independently, you’ll be forfeiting a lot of benefits.

How will our guests book their rooms?

Your guests will be able to go to your wedding site, select a room, calculate the rate, and submit their deposit all in one place! We’ll provide your guests with their payment dates, options for flights, and more. 

How will my guests get from the airport to the hotel and back?

We utilize safe, dependable transportation in the destinations that we offer. We include the transfers in our packages whether your guests book their flights with us or not.

Will our guests' rooms be next to one another?

The hotel makes every effort to keep wedding groups together. How close together they can be is typically determined by what room categories they choose.

How much do you charge for airfare? What if our guests want to use points?

Our airfare is the same rate that is posted on the airline’s website. Your guests are welcome to book their air independently if they would like. If they are using points, they have to redeem them directly through the airline.

Can our guests make monthly payments?

Each wedding group comes with a deposit and final payment deadline. Your guests are welcome to make additional payments whenever they’d like via the payment link.