Destination Wedding-Now Larimar

13 Dec Destination Wedding-Now Larimar

Name of hotel, resort, or cruise ship
  Now larimar
One a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your trip
What was your favorite thing about the trip?
  Our wedding! We got married on the beach, the weather had the possibility of rain. Our wedding coordinator, Yeomandry, was AMAZING! She set us up still beachfront under a beautiful tiki hut! The staff that worked it was so great and friendly. The bartender Mauricio was so personable and attentive! It could not have been any more perfect! If you go, I highly recommend going on the preferred side! It’s worth the little extra cash! You get access to another pool, 2 preferred lounges that always has snacks and drinks. Plus, you can check in while you sit, have a snack and champagne! They also put a banner on our door that said “just married” and put rose petals on the bed and jacuzzi with with bubbles! They gave us 3 bottles of champagne in our room during our stay. We had a romantic dinner on the beach one night that was great too! They serve you a ton of food and. Champagne and a trio came out and sang and played guitar for us!
Were there any service issues we should be aware of?
  The only thing was if you ask for anything extra, it’s hard to get! We told them I was getting bit by Mosquitos and they offered to spray the room and they never did. Even after we called down a second time and still no one came. We asked about fixing the jacuzzi as well, no one came. My now hubby, fixed it! Turned out it was just the breaker in our room.
Which of our consultants did you work with?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the service you received from your consultant?
  10 at the least!
Would you recommend our services to others?
Reason for your response
  Bernie was fantastic! She was so sweet and helped us with everything! She was insanely fast on getting back to you whether it was an email, phone call or text! She helped even getting answers from our wedding coordinator. With Bernie’s help I had no doubts of anything going wrong. We had 13 people total going and no one had any issues! She got us on the same flights and sitting by each other as well! We will be visiting Bernie again, I have a feeling!
Your Name
  Melissa dennis