4 Critical Things To Know Before Planning A Destination Wedding

4 Critical Things To Know Before Planning A Destination Wedding


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More than ever, couples are looking for a way to make their wedding memorable for everyone, including their guests. For many couples, this means planning a wedding in an exotic destination that allows family and friends to not only enjoy a beautiful wedding but also to get a chance to spend some time in a part of the world where they have never been before.

Planning a destination wedding is more complicated than planning a wedding in your own city, town or community. It is even more challenging than planning a wedding in another part of the United States as there are increased logistics issues, challenges in knowing the best resorts and locations and even in choosing menus and accommodations for the guests.

While it is possible to plan and coordinate a destination wedding on your own, there are a lot of pitfalls and obstacles that can add to the stress and the anxiety of the wedding. Hiring a professional destination wedding agent will allow you to have input on all decisions, but leave all the details up to the professionals.

Before talking to your destination wedding planner, here are four critical issues to know:

1.  Destination requirements

While many couples choose a destination that is tropical or offers the option of a beautiful beach wedding, couples may also want to go somewhere very different. Destination weddings can include locations known for gourmet food and wines, for exotic or historic sites or for themed weddings. It is a good idea to spend some time as a couple considering the requirements you have for the wedding before talking to your destination wedding agent.

2.  Number of guests

In order to understand your needs completely and to provide information on general pricing for your consideration, your destination wedding agent will need to know how many guests will be attending.

3.  Budget amount

It is surprising to many couples how competitively priced many destination weddings are when compared to traditional weddings. Some resorts even offer free wedding packages, but there are limited choices and options for the bride and groom to consider with this choice.

4.  Dates

For any destination wedding the dates of the wedding will be critical for the agent to know. Pricing for flights and accommodation can vary greatly between peak travel seasons or off-peak seasons, which is something that may be important for the couple to consider as well.

Do your research and find an experienced, trusted and proven destination wedding agent. These professionals can then meet with you to understand your wedding requirements and provide you with the best quotes, options and information.


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