Destination Wedding Preview Trips

Destination Wedding Preview Trips

Planning any wedding down to the last perfect detail is a big job. When that wedding happens to be set for an exotic location, however, the stress levels can amplify with every mile involved. That’s why more brides and grooms are setting aside time to take a “planningmoon” in advance of their big days.

Planningmoons are simply trips in advance of the wedding to the resort of choice. They are designed to give brides and grooms a chance to see where their nuptials will unfold while affording them the opportunity to set their minds at rest as they attend to all those little details that go into making a ceremony a success.

Here are just four reasons why planningmoons make sense for destination weddings:

  • They make it possible for couples to see the setting for their big day – Brochures and online photos can only go so far in helping couples get a feel for the place they will say their “I do’s.” When a planningmoon is taken, couples can see for themselves whether the setting is suitable. This can also help ensure that any special arrangements for invited guests can be accommodated. For example, resort staff can be apprised ahead of time that the steps up to a gazebo area could be a challenge for elderly guests.
  • They enable couples to become comfortable with resort staff – Most resorts that specialize in destination weddings have a point person or two that help couples plan and execute their ceremonies. Meeting these folks in person can help ease concerns and create a more snafu-free experience for all involved.
  • They enable handling of those little details – Ordering flowers, a cake, favors and other items from shops in an exotic destination can be a bit scary over the phone or via the Internet. When a planningmoon is part of the picture, couples can meet with local merchants themselves to make the arrangements. This, too, can ease pre-wedding stress.
  • They’re fun – Planning a destination wedding can take a year or more of advanced legwork. That means a vacation is probably in order anyway. A planningmoon enables couples to get familiar with the surroundings for their ceremony while providing them a great opportunity to relax and have fun in advance of the big day. Many resorts offer discounted packages so that you can check out their resorts and meet their wedding coordinators before your big day.

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