Destination Wedding Social Media Etiquette

Destination Wedding Social Media Etiquette

social media etiquette

To Tweet or Not to Tweet at Your Destination Wedding

It’s your big day and you want to share it with the world. Rightfully so, but just how much social media posting is too much for a destination wedding? While there’s no denying that you’re the boss on your day, there are some rules of the road when it comes to destination wedding social media etiquette.

Sharing your experiences with your friends and family who cannot make it to the big occasion via social media is a great way to ensure everyone feels part of the celebration even if they can’t attend. It’s important, however, to carefully balance keeping connected with those who can’t be there and those who paid for the trip.

Here are some tips that can help ensure your friends and family across the miles get to share in the joy without overdoing the posting to the point of making your great memories become spam on their social media pages:

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Use social media to connect guests before the big day – For destination weddings especially, social media is a great tool to help guests become acquainted with each other before the trip. Use Facebook or Twitter to start introducing those who plan to attend for more camaraderie during the actual celebration.

Use social media to build up the excitement – It’s OK to post milestones on the way to the wedding via social media. Pictures of the dress fitting, the location, and so on can bring excitement to the experience.

Restrict posting during the ceremony – When it’s time to walk down the aisle and say those “I do’s,” it’s time for social media to take a backseat. While your guests might choose to post minute-by-minute updates via Twitter, you need to be in the here and now. Put aside your smartphone and focus on your honey and your guests. If you know you have guests that will post, it’s OK to have some fun by creating a hashtag for the event beforehand that guests can use and those at home can search for. This is great for heavy Twitter users.

Limit reception posting – Again, your guests may choose to post during the reception, but it’s your time to celebrate. Focus on the fun at hand and leave the posting for later. You have a crowd to mingle with, a cake to cut, and toasts to hear, after all.

Have fun afterward – Once the party’s over, social media is fantastic for creating photo albums and posts that help bring the fun home for everyone. Just don’t let the posting interfere with the enjoyment of your time together on your honeymoon. There’s plenty of time to post big updates later.
For more tips on using social media to make destination weddings fun for those present and those at home, be sure to consult with our destination wedding pros.

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