Elope to Jamaica: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Elope to Jamaica: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Want your wedding to be something special for you and your sweetheart without all the fuss, planning and expenses that can go along with a traditional ceremony? Why not combine your wedding and honeymoon in a single adventure and elope to Jamaica? This tropical paradise has everything you need to enjoy a laid-back, memorable and highly romantic ceremony and first getaway as a newlywed couple.

Why would you want to elope to Jamaica? Here are just a few reasons why eloping here is a great idea.

 A Few Reasons to Elope to Jamaica

elope to Jamaica

The Setting

Jamaica’s tropical setting makes the perfect backdrop for an incredible wedding and a highly romantic honeymoon. With its beaches, lush tropical gardens, mountains and more, Jamaica offers couples places to say “I do” that go well beyond the norm.

The Resorts

Jamaica is chockfull of resorts that know exactly how to make an elopement memorable. Many resorts here even offer special packages that take all the planning and guesswork off the table. All you have to do is book your date, get your paperwork in order and relax. They’ll take care of it all!

To make this an even better choice, Jamaican resorts like Sunset at the Palms and Couples Resorts are designed to serve perfectly for your ceremony and your entire honeymoon. With pools, beaches, on-site restaurants, golf courses, spas and luxury rooms designed for the maximum romantic impact, these resorts know how to make honeymooning couples feel special.

The Costs

If budgeting is a concern, many of the best resorts in Jamaica offer all-inclusive pricing. That means you know what you’ll end up paying up front and you won’t have to worry about spending more than you should. Some of the best all-inclusive resorts, like Sunset at the Palms, include food, drinks, entertainment, on-site activities and even some excursions right in the price. There’s just no easier way to plan out a trip and make sure it stay within budget.

The Service

Elope to Jamaica and you can count on being treated like royalty no matter where you go. From the topnotch service at the resorts to the incredibly friendly locals, you’ll find service doesn’t get any better than in Jamaica.

elope to Jamaica

Ready to say no to all the hassles of wedding planning while still ensuring you get to say “I do” in a setting that’s romantic? Just consult with our honeymoon travel advisors for information on booking an elopement to Jamaica. Saying your vows has never been easier!


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