Eloping. A very appealing option!

Eloping. A very appealing option!

Elopement: A Very Attractive Option

Ah, weddings.  Most of us have dreamed about them at least once or twice in our lives and some of us spend most of our adolescent years planning in our minds about that perfect day.  Yes, boys do it too!  Not all of us get terribly excited about planning big weddings, though.  As magical and memorable as they may be, many people actually think they are stressful and expensive.

Eloping with your sweetheart can be a very attractive option.  Some couples do this so that they can spend their money on an amazing honeymoon.  Some do it because of personal troubles with their families or because the moment is right…right now!  Eloping is just as romantic and special as a huge wedding.  After all, the wedding isn’t about friends or family (as much as sharing the joy with them is wonderful).  It’s about you and your prince or princess.  And for some, the perfect wedding is a private, quiet affair.

Just because you and your soon to be spouse prefer a quiet, private wedding doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing. Eloping isn’t just about “running off”.  It’s an adventure all its own.  A major advantage to eloping is the opportunity to combine it with a honeymoon and do things for your wedding you wouldn’t necessarily want to do in front of 200 people.  Some of the amazing things you can do for weddings tend to get extremely expensive when you start talking about family and friends joining in.  Some of the most creative weddings have involved things like, scuba gear and an underwater priest, secluded beach weddings at sunset, or even taking a tour around Europe and stopping in Spain to have a ceremony for two in an elaborate, picturesque cathedral.  Eloping opens up opportunities for you and you and your fiancé to get creative.

One thing that is important to bear in mind when planning to elope is how your family feels about it.  For many people, the tradition of witnessing the vows between the couple is a vital part of the wedding and is what makes it valid to them.  Discussing your plans to elope beforehand can go a long way to soothing hurt feelings and keep stress low.  Try to impress upon your loved ones that your decision to elope isn’t because of them but because it’s what the two of you really want.  Planning a celebratory ceremony afterwards might be worth considering.  Skip the wedding and throw a party!

Whatever you choose to do, remember that your wedding is a very special occasion and no matter what, don’t settle for anything less than what you want, how you want it. At Bliss Honeymoons we can help you put together the perfect elopement package today!