European Dream Honeymoon

European Dream Honeymoon

We’re so excited to be featured by Honeymoon Wishes! Read all about our clients’ dream honeymoon to Ireland, Scotland, and England!



“Just go with it” may sound like a simple ism to some, but could serve as vacation-saving advice to others when traveling abroad in 2022. We recently spoke with Honeymoon Wishes couple Kasi and Chuck and learned this short but moving phrase after their 10-day honeymoon vacation covering EnglandIreland, and Scotland. Read along to discover more about their amazing experiences and how Honeymoon Wishes helped make a few of their dreams come true…

So first off, if you’d like to share a little bit of your love story with us, we’d love to know more about you two. 

Kasi: So out here in Texas, barbecue is a big thing and we met at a barbecue cook-off. I’m a volunteer for a small committee of a livestock show and rodeo, and as part of that committee we host a barbecue cook-off. Chuck was one of the cooks a year I was pit bossing. I actually got talking to Chuck here through some mutual friends of ours and funny enough he proposed at the same barbecue cook-off five years later to the day.

That is so sweet, bonding over barbecue. So how long have you been together and married?


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